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Marantz SR 6007 Restarting.

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I have a setup in which im using an OPPO BDP 103 Bluray Player, Apple TV and Tata Sky.

All of these are connected to my Marantz SR 6007 and the monitor out connected to my projector.


everytime i switch on my system, My amplifer starts rebooting and keeps rebooting every 20 or 30 second interval.


I have tried to isolate the problem.


Checked  all my speaker cables and connections for any shorts


I disconnected all the input sources and tried powering on the system, it works fine,( Tested it via the network and play)


I connected the tata sky and then tried it worked fine without any problems

I plugged in the Apple TV and then tried it again worked.


The moment i plug in my OPPO, the problem arises again, 



OPPo tech support said it should be a CEC problem , but i have disabled the CEC on both the devices,


Anything to help me out!

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Try connecting the Oppo to the other HDMI inputs, otherwise, it would seem the Oppo is the cause.
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Thanks for your reply, 


I have already tried all the  other inputs available on the Amplifier and  have reswet it also multiple times.

No the problem i face is that the amplifier reboots even when the OPPO is not connected but it is once in a way. Im clueless!!

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In your first post you said you isolated the problem to the Oppo being the cause. Now you're indicating it is not the cause? Are you using a surge supressor or line conditioner? If yes, try taking that out of the loop and connect the AVR directly to the outlet.
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