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I know my lumens estimation is far from exact. From what I know, my Seymour AV center stage XD is rated 1.1 but in real life it is has been measured as a 1.0 gain screen, so that's what I use for my estimate...

I was unaware the EyeOne didn't report correct fL...should I worry about my calibration being out of specs? how can I correctly calibrate my gray scale and gamma curve if the fL readings are wrong...? I mean, I know the eyeOne is not a high end device and I dont mind minor and repeatable error (5% or so) but is it much worse than that?

For calibrations, the eye one is good. For lumens, you would just need a light meter. I can get around 16ftL and my eye one or display 3 would read about 10ftL off the screen.