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I would like to set up some cameras to capture pinball gameplay during tournaments to feed an HD video projector.

Originally I was thinking one camera per machine (vertical orientation) and stitching three together side by side, but haven't figures out how to do this. Closest I got was iSpy security software using webcams but the frame rate was too low, pinball needs a very high frame rate.

Another option would be to capture multiple machines (2-3) on a horizontal video feed to avoid the stitching, although there would be wasted display space due to physical distance between each pinball machine.

I don't expect the need to record video,:@ camcorders seem to be overkill, but webcams seem to have poor frame rate. Any input on which cams to use?

Camera Criteria:
- must do well in low-light conditions
- high frame rate
- generate signal compatible with video projector (HDMI, DVI, etc.)
- being able to stream to web would be cool