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NEWBIE to DLNA, Allshare Cast, Miracast, Airplay, Chromecast

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I have a Chromecast, so I understand how it works. But I think I'm confused regarding "mirroring" vs "casting." From my understanding, casting is when the Chromecast (Receiver) itself does the processing. Mirroring is when the source is doing the processing. For example, you can mirror the Chrome tab from your notebook to your tv, but your PC is doing the processing.

1.) So I'd like to know how the other versions out there work. Who's doing the work, Receiver or Source?

DLNA: Receiver or Source?
ALLSHARE Cast: Receiver or Source?
Miracast: Receiver or Source?
Airplay: I believe the Apply TV does the processing, correct?

2.) I have a Sony Tablet S that has DLNA capability. It can "throw" stuff to DLNA receivers, but only within it's Video Player. The limitation I discovered with DLNA is with streaming websites or apps. I like to watch those Asian apps like PPS, PPTV, etc. I realize I could not throw this to the screen because they don't play in the video player. I would need to download the videos first. Am I correct to come to this conclusion? Or, is there a way to make it work?

3.) If my conclusion is correct for #2, then what I need is something that can MIRROR, correct? AllShare Cast and Miracast, are they the answer?

4.) Are any of these technologies interchangeable? Well, I know Chromecast and Air Play pretty much isn't. But what about DLNA, ALLSHARE Cast and Miracast? What I mean is if the TV has ALLSHARE cast, but the source has Miracast... can I fling stuff to the TV? If the source has DLNA and the receiver has Miracast, can I fling? Etc.

I am a newbie to this and if someone can answer these questions, and add any pertinent information that will help educate me, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time!
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BTW, I do understand a long HDMI cable is also a solution. smile.gif I'm just trying to learn about these technologies.
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I use intel widi check that out you can stream anything from your laptop or other dlna products to your dlna capable tv
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I believe that casting is where the receiver gets the media for playback from the original source, via the sender, as the receiver is designed to interact with the original source's media and play it back.

I think mirroring is where the receiver is not designed to interact with the original source's media for playback and requires the sender to do its own playback of the media, which is then internally captured, or 'mirrored', by the sender and sent on to the receiver for playback. So the receiver is playing back the captured media being played back on the sender, rather than original source's media.

AirPlay can use either casting or mirroring. So for example playing a music file from iTunes, in simple terms just involves the sending of that file to the AirPlay receiver, whereas a YouTube video needs to be played by the sender and captured first, before being sent to the AirPlay receiver.

UPnP/DLNA mostly is designed to use casting, but can use mirroring. Mirroring in UPnP/DLNA will most likely need the user to set up the capturing manually. So for example, a UPnP/DLNA server is normally designed to just send media files contained in a storage device. However, there are some UPnP/DLNA servers that run on computers, that can be set to capture the computer's sound and for example send captured YouTube video music playing on a webbrowser as a music file to the UPnP/DLNA receiver.

Unfortunately, I don't think there are any apps available for Android devices that can capture its audio, let alone video, and send that as a file to a UPnP/DLNA supporting receiver. There are some apps that can capture and send the Android device's sound, but send using 'unofficial' AirPlay. However the Android device needs to be rooted, in order for the apps to be able to capture the Android device's sound.
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