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Vbox USB-A-3560 driver help , please ?

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I know 2005 called and wants this tuner back , but I want to experiment with Media Portal. I have this tuner in my possession and did have it briefly working with Snapstream a long, long , time ago

A couple of moves later, all I have is the device.

Anybody have the BDA drivers ? Could you email me a zip file to my yahoo account:

the letter t 7 1 1 2 at yahoo.com

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Which operating system? 32-bit or 64-bit? I still have six of these tuners that I used to run under BeyondTV and briefly under WMC. One of the best OTA tuners ever made, IMHO.
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Win XP 32 bit SP3

I'm hoping I can get media portal running on an old dual core celeron laptop and use the V box for the tuner.

Should be fun. Thanks for your help.
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I'll take a look at what I have when I get home from work and get back to you. I should have the XP 32-bit drivers on a disc somewhere.
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32-bit BDA drivers sent via e-mail.
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They worked ! Off to download Media Portal

Thanks avsforum and Captain Video:cool:
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USB2-3560_BDA_Drivers_2.1.705.12_32bits_WHQLed.zip 127k .zip file

I found my old vbox 3560 usb and I installed these drivers in windows 7 32 bit.
And it works.

You have to install them twice. First time fails, second time succeeds.
You have to point windows from device manager to the location where you unzip them.

I also found that the old watchHDTV program will work in windows 7.
For video codec use the ms codec, or cyberlink video/sp from windvd7.

For audio use ac3filter.

I cant record TV, I get a can't setstreamsink error.
Any ideas?
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screen shot showing it working windows 7
vbox3560win7.PNG 256k .PNG file
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