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Hello AVS World


I hope im posting in the right forum lol.


  I have a plan to build a HTPC to store all my media on (Music, Videos, Pictures, and all Emulation Gaming) and this system will be located in the main living area and would like to stream all my media to my sons room and daughters room and my bedroom with the gaming as well in each room.

  My First question is am i going to need to put HTPC's in all rooms or are there alternatives I could use? Roku, Apple, Xbox ECT.?

and what software is best to use to meet all the requirements I'm asking? XBMC, Plex, MC3, ECT.? as it stands im running a D-Link Dual Band N600 Gigabit router on a 60 MBPS Cable internet, should I get better? or an indoor antenna? Im not a rich person but know that you get what you pay for so im looking for a reasonable streaming solution lol.


please feel free to ask more questions if I'm not clear to my needs i will answer them to the best of my knowledge lol.


thanx in advance