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Help please!!!!

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This is my first time posting here.

I have a problem that i can't figure out the solution for. I have LG GA6400, net gear WNDR3700 and macbook air running plex server.

I want to be able to download HD content on my mac and play it in my TV. Right now i download content to my mac and stream it to TV via plex. Im not happy with the set up because A) macbook doesn't have that much free memory on HDD B) macbook always has to on C) while streaming over WIFI i get buffering now and then.

I tried connecting external HDD to router and have it shared on my network, when i play content from it it buffers a lot, probably due to slow USB 2 speeds or WIFI signal.

ideally i would like to have a media box where i can save downloaded content from my mac over wifi and play it on my TV via wired connection.

Any suggestions?
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Wireless is not going to cut it. Try a wired connection and see how well it works. If you are still having issues it may be the computer.
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It might be the computer, but since its a macbook air, it is a headache to do wired connection. It doesn't have LAN port, so i will need to use converter.

I was looking in to getting Seagate Central, does anyone have any experience with it?
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