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How are you doing CIH?

Poll Results: How are you doing CIH?

  • 10% (6)
    I manually zoom, shift and refocus when I change aspect ratio
  • 30% (17)
    My projector has a motorized lens and lens memory
  • 21% (12)
    I have a manual anamorphic lens
  • 28% (16)
    I have a motorized anamorphic lens
  • 8% (5)
    Other - please see thread for explanation
56 Total Votes  
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I apologize if this poll has been done before.

I would like to hear from others who chose the first answer. Did you get used to the manual AR change process, or is it a hassle? I'm moving from a PT-AE3000 (lens memory, average picture) to a Sony VPL-HW55 (manual everything, great picture). I'm fully committed to my 2.35 setup, just wondering what to expect. Thanks!
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I use a Panamorph 380 and motorized sled. I also stretch the image with a DVDO iScan Duo...not the projector.....

I used the zoom method for months before I got my mounting plate made for my JVC RS45. The picture seemed OK, but I hated waiting for the lens memory to adjust AND sometimes the lens memory wasn't the same as last time, so I would have to do minor shifts to fill the screen. I also hated loosing the extra light from zooming, so I sought out and bought the re-branded to Optoma.. Panamorph UH380 and motorized sled. I gave something around $1200 for them and they were brand new. Now when we pick out a scope movie the screen is to size in 2-3 seconds and we are off and running.
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I voted "I have a manual anamorphic lens," which is true for my primary JVC projector. However, I also have a Sharp DLP installed below it specifically for 3D. With that one, I use the motorized zoom with lens memories. So, I wish the poll allowed voting for multiple options.
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Rats, I can't edit the poll now. I also forgot an obvious answer: "I use two projectors". I've actually considered this, because 80% of my viewing is 'scope, but 95% of my son's viewing (PS3 games and TV shows) is 16:9. A decent $500 DLP projector and a $50 HDMI splitter would resolve that nicely, assuming I can figure out how to stack them. It would also save my Sony lamp hours for movie-watching.

Thanks for your replies.
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I use both methods: Zoom (have been doing it "manually" using the remote control, but soon to incorporate lens memory) and also a Panamorph Anamorphic lens. In my set up there are advantages to either depending on the circumstances of what I'm watching.

(I'm not running a strictly CIH system, but sometimes I do so from a 1:85:1 movie to a scope movie)
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I put down Manual anamorphic lens because I don't bother removing it for 16:9, it's actually a remote/motorized prismasonic, but since I haven't found a way to automate the mode changes on it, I just leave it in stretch mode all the time.
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I use a manual anamorphic lens (Isco II on a stand), but I actually combine it with my JVC X35 lens memory: With the lens I have to zoom right back and make a small shift. With the Isco II not in place for 1.85:1 films I use a second lens memory to slightly zoom the image to fill my 2.35:1 screen height. I use my Lumagen for vertical stretch as I feel it is better than the JVC's scaling.

I check the disc beforehand to see if I need to place my lens in place and therefore what lens memory setting to use since I put my lens away when not watching the projector as I think it looks ugly left in place (living room set up). If I watch some 16:9 TV sourced content after watching a 2.35:1 film with the lens in place I use my Lumagen's horizontal squeeze function to save having to take the lens down when I've been drinking. wink.gif
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I have a JVC RS40 with a Panamorph UH480 on a manual sled, mostly slid into position. 2.35 CIH screen, and Lumagen XS 3D video processor. I just have to choose the screen ratio of the film I am watching and the equipment takes care of the rest....
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I currently have a Mitsubishi HC4000. With the Mits you manually zoom and focus and then it has an digital feature that lets you swap between 16:9 and 2.35. It also allows me to move the 2.35 image down electronically and stack both of the letterbox bars on top of the image so that they fall on my black top drop and velvet covered screen housing making them virtually disappear. I have a JVC X500R on the way to replace the Mits, so I will be zooming with it's motorized lens for my 105" wide Seymour AV CenterStage retractable 2.35 screen with it.
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Digital Projection Highlight 3 chip DLP, Isco IIIL on CineSlide.
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UH480 with the ATH sled.

Had an older Prismasonic lens, got tired of the CA. switched to lens memory CIH on my RS45. That worked well but didn't like the light spill; desktop issues (run an HTPC and often would have to return to 16:9 mode to use the desktop); and more visable pixels. I guess I am just picky.

With the UH480, I finally got the experience I was looking for in my home theater setup.
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JVC X95 with Schneider M lens and Cineslide.

Later this week changing over to:
JVX X900 with Isco IIIL lens and Cineslide.
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I have an Epson 8350 which is mounted just behind/above my head on a back wall of my living room. I reach back and manually zoom/refocus while seated. It's an unusual setup which works (and is somewhat dictated by) the oddities of my room layout:

More details/photos of my room here:

Zooming/refocusing is super quick, and no one hardly complains anymore. wink.gif

My approach would not be desirable if my projector was ceiling mounted.
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My setup has the projector sitting on top of a 5-foot-tall bookshelf, behind a row of seats. I'm switching from motorized zoom to manual zoom, but when I think about it the motorized zoom has always required manual tweaking of the vertical alignment. I may get some weak binoculars for doing the focus. :-)
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Jvc x95 with Panamorph DC1 and the motorized mount
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cool.gif I had to tick "other" because even though I made myself a manual slide just before Christmas, someone liked the Projector Station rig and bought it off me. So my A-Lens is once again sitting on a shelf in front of the projector.

When the laser cutter re-opens for business next week, I will place an order for another one of my Projector Stations and get another sled made up.
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JVC RS46, Isco IIIL on CineSlide.


Being able to hit a button to slide the lens in place is awesome.

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Sony HW50ES, ISCO 4XL with Cineslide . Very happy with this solution.
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JVC RS50 with Panamorph UH480 on the motorized slide.
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6 year old Sony VW60 with Panamorph UH380 on manual DIY slide
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Voted for motorised anamorphic lens
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JVC RS-45 with Panamorph UH480 with motorized sled (ATH) + Lumagen Mini-3D.

2.35 screen with DIY motorized masking system.




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I have a JVC 4810 with lens memory and a Panamorph 480. Haven't used the 480 for a year now since I got the 4810 it looks that good but I plan to build a manual slide sometime soon (as soon as I get my skyline diffusor built and installed).
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