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We have some new Palliser home theater seating in 1500-grade leather, and have added a sectional ottoman (different model line, same upholstery). We want to purchase a 45 degree wedge (also a sectional vs home theater product), and we would like to know if the ends that normally butt up to adjacent furniture are finished, or are just the black felt that Palliser uses on the furniture bottoms, etc. Given our peculiar room layout, we want to have the wedge at one end of our seating row, thus with an exposed side. We would buy some extra leather to cover the ends if they're unfinished. Does anyone out there have a Palliser 45 wedge, is it fully covered, and can you guess-timate the amount of extra leather needed to cover the ends? I guessed at three 3x3 ft pieces, since they would likely need to be cow-sized at most. The wedge has a small backrest (the 'Melrose' line is what we were looking at, others are similar). Palliser seemed uninterested in custom-covering one for us. Any experience, advice, measurements, or pics would be appreciated, thanks!