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Projector Exhaust Vent Issue

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Hi everyone,


I've just installed a projector (Epson 5030UB) and am quite happy with the results so far...  However, I've noticed when I use the full-lamp modes (dynamic, living room, etc.), which produce a lot more heat, I can see "waves" of hot air passing through the air in front of the lens.  I think this is because of the way I've positioned the projector beside the wall (see attached image).  The exhaust blows the air out toward the wall, then some of it likely bounces back in front of the lens to produce those "waves".  This doesn't happen when I'm using the lower brightness modes (THX, cinema, etc.).


My question is, since my configuration won't allow me to move the projector, is there any way to somehow redirect the flow of the air from the exhaust, or even invert the flow of air through the projector (such that the exhaust becomes the intake, and vice versa)?  I realize I could place the projector upside down on the shelf, but this would be far from ideal.  I am hoping someone else may have encountered a similar issue and may have some suggestions.  So far, I've considered placing a piece of cardboard to redirect the air upward, but I'm concerned about restricting the flow and shortening the life of the lamp.  Will the projector display a warning if the lamp is too hot?


Thanks in advance for any advice!




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Hello. You an buy a flexible dryer duct from home depot/ lowes (local hardware) and secure it over the right vent. The left is the air intake and right is the exhaust. Also if you flip the projector upside down, exhaust wil exit the left avoiding deflection from the wall.

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Dude If I were you I would consider moving it back a bit and vent it into the hallway if the wall is blocking the exhaust vent. Like it is now it looks like you are begging for trouble and premature lamp failure. The QUICKEST way to ruin a lamp is to let it overheat. how about putting it farther back and mounting it to the ceiling above the door! - Bohanna
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Thanks for the replies!  Hmm, I don't have much flexibility with the placement of the projector.  If I move it back, the wall will start to block the image.


I am wondering, if the temperature is getting hot enough to affect the lamp life, will it give a warning of any kind?  Is there any way to check the temperature?  I would find this very useful so that I could experiment with different configurations.



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