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Need some help!
I was going to buy a power amp to run out of my Yamaha RX-V2095 pre amp to get some punch
into my main speakers (Polk RTi 10) but I would also like to upgrade my A/V receiver to
last years model Yamaha RX-A2020(good prices)
but can only afford to choose one!
Here is my setup:
Main speakers- Polk RTi10 (20-300watt)
Center- Polk CSi5 (20-200watt)
Surround-FXi5 (20-125watt)
I was running the "A" speakers from the receiver to the RTi10s and the "B" speakers to a Adcom 6 speaker selector that runs
4 sets of speakers(all 8-Ohm) but was told lately (thanks Jeff) to run them all off "A" to the Adcom and turn off "B".
So by reading some of your replies on this forum (It's the best out there!) and being I only run a 5.1 surround setup, if I
buy a 9 channel receiver(RX-A2020) and keep my RX-V2095,(as a zone 2?) there should be some way to tap into all this extra power that I should not need a power amp?
FYI, the other speakers on the Adcom:
Polk Monitor40 (20-125watt) (kitchen)
Cerwin Vega DX1 (100watt)(Rec room) The rec room speakers are run with the RTi10s during partys only.(twice a year)
Optimus Pro 77 (70watts) (Rec room)... (stop laughing)
Klipsch HS 2 (75watt) (patio speakers)

Any Ideas??