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Hello everyone,


I just got my christmas present : Samsung HW-F450. Not the best you could find but still better than the TV speaker ;)


So I got this setup 

Denon AVR-1912

Samsung 40D5000

Samsung HW-F450


The Denon AVR-1912 only has "basic" speakers output, no optical.


I managed to make things work a bit together in 2 ways :

1. Denon HDMI output => TV HDMI input & TV optical output => Soundbar optical input. Denon is set in TV mode.

2. Denon HDMI output => Soundbar HDMI input & Soundbar HDMI output => TV HDMI input. Denon is set in TV mode.


 But in both case only the sound that goes through HDMI works, meaning that Airplay, V. Aux and tuner sounds of AVR don't "go" to the soundbar.

I also read that the 40D5000 doesn't support ARC and I was wondering if it was the issue here.


I'm a bit lost here and I seek help to make all sound output to my Samsung HW-F450.


Thanks in advance for your help,