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Hi all, I'm new so hope I'm posting to the right forum.


I'm looking for a little help in connecting a new bluray player to an older plasma display for a family member that wants to watch netflix on it.

Right now I'm a little stumped what would be the best way to go about it since the player only has an HDMI output and a digital coaxial cable for surround sound audio output. The display has a good variety of inputs and can handle some decent resolutions, but I'm not sure how I can best convert the signal while avoiding any issues with HDCP or something like audio syncing if the audio gets split from the HDMI signal and maintain a decent quality. Any advice would really be appreciated, thank you!


In short this is what I have to work with:


Outputs available on the player are:

Output 1: HDMI

Output 2: digital coaxial for audio


Inputs available on the display are:

Input 1: mini D-sub jack (15 pin)

Input 2: RGBHV BNC jacks

Input 3: S-video jack with RCA audio jacks

Input 4: Composite video BNC jack with RCA audio jacks

Input 5: DVI-D jack (24 pin) (manual says the "This unit does not support the display of copyguard-protected video signals")


Some resources:

Pioneer PDP-503CMX Display Manual:

Samsung BD-F5700 Blu-ray Player Manual: