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Upgrading my current System! Need advise!

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I am wanting to upgrade my current system and I am in need of some help.
I currently own a Yamaha YHT-395BL Complete 5.1-Channel Home Theater System which I am relatively happy with. However, I would like to improve my overall performance. I have about $500 to spend and I don't know what to upgrade. Receiver or Speakers? I am thinking the Speakers, could I get a decent upgrade for $500?

Thank you for answering some of my questions, I greatly appreciate it.
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That receiver you currently have seems to be fine, with reasonable specs and connectivity, so spend the money where it counts, not on the electronics but rather the speakers. OTOH $500 may not get you very far with both sub and 5 speakers so you may want to upgrade in steps as you can afford, perhaps starting with a new set of speakers up front for L/C/R, using your old sub and two of the old speakers for surrounds.
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Are there any speakers that you can recommend? I honestly don't know too much about home audio to be honest.
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There are many threads around here looking for speakers at your price point so try looking through some of those for common recommendations but you might post about your needs too. What do you feel is lacking in your current setup? How large a room do you have? What do you use the system for primarily? How loud do you like to listen? Is $500 absolute max to spend?

One often recommended set of speakers at a good price are the Pioneer Andrew Jones series (altho I'd look elsewhwere for subs). Infinity speakers like the Primus series are often recommended, too. Internet direct sub options are usually best bang for the buck; you might start here for discussion of budget subs http://www.avsforum.com/t/1364182/list-of-budget-subwoofers-300-and-less. Personally I'd steer you towards what I like and have, the Ascend Acoustics speakers like the 170SE (or 200SE depending on your speaker positioning needed), or the Cambridge Audio Sirocco series.

If you have DIY skills even better options for price to performance from the SEOS kits through diysoundgroup.com.
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