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Toshiba DR430 Error 27

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I have been away from recording for a long time & recently got a different recorder. I am only able to record Showtime live or from the TWC dvr. I get the error that the program is not recordable in video mode on every other channel. I am using the -R dvd's. I did find in this forum to try the -RW discs for this error. Because I can record Showtime, is that still my best bet? I did some price shopping at my local big box stores & was surprised at the cost. Where do you buy the -RW discs? Thanks in advance
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I decided to try something today. I removed the cable in the HDMI2 port in the tv that I have connected for the laptop when I need it. I can now record more stations off the dvr and live tv. So far, I have only come seen the error message on AMC, Oxygen and Bravo. I don't understand why a dangling cable would make that much of a difference, but it did. I would still appreciate any feedback on purchasing the -RW discs for the problem stations.
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I'm pretty sure you can get a -RW disc and format it in your dr430 in "VR Mode" which should allow you to record OK.


Before you insert the -RW disc, select the Setup > Format > Format Mode > VR mode, then insert the disc and it will format in VR Mode.


One thing about VR mode is that it isn't universally playable in other machines and some other quirks I don't remember. I also don't know for sure if ANY -RW disc can be formatted in VR mode or if it has to be noted on its packaging that it can be used in Video OR VR mode. If you already have a -RW disc, you can try it, or wait until someone else clarifies this.

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Error 24 is 'copy restricted program'. The source (or your provider) has set a copy protection flag that prevents the creation of a digital copy. Implementation in my experience is pretty variable. Some report that providers apply the code to most content. Others report protection only for PPV and premium content. Do you get the same error with NBC / CBS / ABC? Those are free to copy, as I understand the law...
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