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Fixed wall-mount projector screen

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Hello guys,


I've decided to build a fixed wall-mount projector screen for my home media room. I use Benq W700 projector which is mounted on the top of the wall and it projects a 16:9 video picture with a diagonal size of 123''. Movies will mainly be watched in dark or in low light ambient. The whole room is painted white and there is not much furniture in it.

I would like to build a wooden construction over which I would like to put canvas/material and mount the whole thing on the wall.

What are my primary questions:

1. Which material should I use?

2. Should I use white, gray or black material?

3. Can I just staple the material to the wooden frame or do I need some kind of springs?

4. What is the best way to mount it to the wall?

5. Do I need a black outline around the frame?

6. Which gain is best, arount 1.0?


My primary concern is the canvas: which material should I use? I was searching ebay and websites and saw something like this:





Do you know anything about this materials? And what about projector wall paint? I suppose that building a frame is better?

I'm looking for a affordable/cheap solution :)


Thank you guys!

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Welcome to AVS. Being new, please wait to start new threads as mods need to approve posts with external links.

Good luck,

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Ok, no problem, thank you! :)

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So, any input is much appreciated! :)

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Bump :)

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Bump number 2 :)

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Hey dude step one is to get the walls a dark shade of gray, blue, or black.

I gotta say I think youd get much much more feedback in the dedicated theater design thread or similar in the Theater Design area. When I posted screen questions there was few and far between posters around. Just an idea if you get no hits here.

I have a wall mount acoustic transparent screen that I mounted on the ceiling 3 feet from the wall and built a fuax false wall that I surrounded and made curtains out of black acoustic transperent material and completly treated wall behind the screen with 6 acoustic panels that where white and I then covered with the same black materail so as light didn't pass thru the screen tiny weaves and project a glare unto the back wall. I have my LCRs on high stands and its an incredible experience to have all your stage speakers at the same height for pans and dialouge. something to consider it is oh so worth it. You can hide all you speakers, subs, stands, and wires back there too! Plus allow yourself some space between the back of the screen and the back wall and you can upgrade to bigger and better mains and subs in the future.

But ya repost a new thread in the theater design section and try that.
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The design threads are for people building rooms. This is the right forum but I don't know why some of the prolific screen builders aren't posting.
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Originally Posted by Sonyad View Post

The design threads are for people building rooms. This is the right forum but I don't know why some of the prolific screen builders aren't posting.

I myself plead Holiday mayhem and a crazy schedule afterwards.

Sometimes a Thread can get quickly buried due to many responses to other threads, and then get overlooked for a while.

Other times I myself can get taken to task for jumping on every new posted Thread asking for advice / help. rolleyes.gif

But in the long run, few ever get left not responded to, let alone intentionally ignored. Thanks for the prodding Sonyad,

Meele, I will review your info and get right back to you this PM...unless some other stalwart member gets the same prodding and responds before I do.
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I can't offer a lot of advice, but I'm happy to prod when needed.
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The material you linked to seems to be a very basic example of Mfg Screen cloth. Unknowns are texture issues, as well as user-friendliness. One thing that is very important is to determine if you can have the material shipped in a "Roll" and not folded and smooshed into a small box. Creases are the bane of all who get such material shipped that way.

You can build a Frame and staple the material to it , then overlay the stapled area with a Trim that is either painted black (...poor choice...) or that is wrapped in Black Velvet.
The latter can and does make a big improvement.

As previouslt mentioned above, changing your Ceiling color to a darker, non-reflective shade of color will help immensely. Walls are next. However proximity has much to do with need.
The size screen you envision is approx 60" high. Dependent upon your Ceiling height, keeping the topmost edge at least 16" down from the Ceiling will help reduce the "light up" tendency that white surfaces present. Such reflections seriously detract from the contrast levels (...quality of Black levels ...) and Ceilings can be the biggest contributors to such woes.

Side wall proximity comes next. Ant surface close by that falls at right angle to the screen will act like a reflector of the Screen's light output so anything done to mitigate such will reap you much better performance from a basic White material.

Choosing to use a Gray material can help improve "off the screen" black performance, and also combat the loss of contrast from the above caveats, but in any case where the Walls and ceilings are white and close in, it really can only help so much.

Your in the UK, where in many homes space is at a premium. So that is why I'm focused on reflections. You should proceed with a moderate pace, and don't really rush to make either a Material purchase of positioning decisions until your confident of all the factors you can control and adjust.
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