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OTA channel guide

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I know I can get a guide with an internet connected device and windows media center etc but have you seen local channels generate a channel guide over a subcarrier that you could decode? -- or maybe modulate channel 3 to see the info ?

Thinking out loud no doubt but thought I'd ask.

Also amazed that the local newspaper doesn't have the all the channels listed -- just the major networks channel at point one.

I also have been searching the web (tv guide etc), for an EASY to print custom TV paper but can't find anything.
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Most of the main OTA channels transmit a guide for their station. Some of the SD channels do not. Depending on your TV manufacturer you can access this guide, unfortunately the Panasonic tvs I've been around do not display the guide.
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None of my tv's do. 3 different manufacturers.

Seems to me there would be an add on device but apparently not -- wonder if it's there in most televisions but they just left ot out of the remote capabilities?

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My father purchased a CECB(Channel Master CM7000) for just that purpose. Generally <$50 used(I gave him mine) and all he only uses it for it's guide. He turns it on, goes to composite input he's hooked the CM and pulls up the PSIP guide. Note with a PSIP guide you've got to tune each channel one at a time to see it's grid, you won't see one master grid with all the channels and 12hrs seems to be what most channels go out, some go more and some just say DTV PROGRAM but mostly you get 12hrs and descriptions.

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I suspect this is what you were hoping to find:


A digital sub-channel that just shows TV Listings. They don't have many affiliates yet -- but it looks like they just added Philadelphia most recently per their Facebook page.
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