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Onkyo 929 but want to upgrade to 3010 or 5010

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I was very happy with my receiver until I went to my uncles house and saw his onkyo 5008 recover it has a lot of features that my 929 doesn't . For instance we both are using a .2 setup but the 929 doesn't let me set the second sub crossover it just does them both together where as on the 5008 you can and that just the tip of the iceberg it many more differences but I have a buyer for my 929 and trying to see what should I buy now.
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Correct. Although the 929 features the same version of Audyssey MultEQ XT32 as do the 1010, 3010, and 5010, it does not feature Audyssey Sub EQ HT for dual sub calibration which the higher models do feature.
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I understand that so if I upgrade to the 3010 will it be a big upgrade and is it worth it.
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Im running
Polk rti a9
Csi a6
Tsi 300
Fxi a6
Dsw pro 660wi x2
Emotiva upa-5
Tsi 300 on receiver everything else on Emotiva
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Whoa. Not so fast. I switched from my Integra DTC9.8 which had Audyssey MultiEQ XT, which I think the 5008 has. My 929's MultiEQ XT32 is a definite sound improvement. Hell I don't even miss the extra wattage my big Outlaw amp had. In fact the 929 has an extra two channels of amplification that neither the Outlaw nor the 5008 have.

As for the .2, I think you'll find the 5008 is the same as the 929 in that regard. Neither has Audyssey SubEQ HT, meaning the two sub outs are treated equally.

While the 929 is the top of Onkyo's mid range, the 5008 was the top of the high range. The power supply is more substantial but as I was comparing the 929 with the 3010 I noticed the 929 was already making the xx10 series look dated in some respects. So check out all of the specs for what's important for you.

But by far the biggest difference is cost. If the next price level doesn't scare you then you might consider waiting for Onkyo's xx11 series which I think has been pushed out for implementation of HDMI 2.0.

If on the other hand you have two different sounding subs and are placed in two distinctly audibly different locations, then maybe you should have already considered the Denon X4000. But with a single sub I personally thought the 929 was more receiver for the same money. The bonus has been the very cool running HDMI board which indicates to me that without much fanfare Onkyo has addressed their biggest bugaboo.

If I had more time I might have stayed at the same level as my Integra, albeit at a much more costly level.

I don't know, bang for the buck, I still think the 929 is at the top of that ratio. But then to each their own.
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