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Trying to upgrade a system I did not build, component and HDMI issues

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So my folks moved into a house a few years back that had a pretty solid AV system already in place. however, it was pre-bluray, pre-HDMI on everything (that I can see) despite being a pretty solid flat panel (i don’t have the model in front of me, and I haven’t seen the hookups on the back yet).

Wanting to get on board with the new hotness, my dad had me order him a blu-ray player with netflix, and it was when I cracked the rack to install it that i discovered that they are running everything through a denon AVR-1907 which doesn’t have HDMI on it anywhere. which brings me to my main question (to which I believe I know the answer)-

Is there such a thing as a receiver that will take HDMI input and put it out through the Component to the TV?

I’m guessing the old “analog hole” issue and HDCP is gonna mean “no” but the panel is pretty solidly attached to the wall and I believe all the cabling is professionally run so getting a new HDMI receiver, and then running everything to the TV over that is going to require getting someone to run some new cable through the wall. I was really hoping to be able to get this done myself, without using power tools but it’s seeming more and more like that’s unlikely.

follow up question - assuming I do end up just replacing the 1907 and doing the new run, what would be a decent upgrade? at least a couple HDMI ports, i believe all it needs is 5.1, no zone 2 or anything and I’m not married to a brand. my last couple for myself have been onkyo’s but my current one died a month back and support has been ****** so I’m open to just about anything.

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If the TV has HDMI inputs then the simple solution would be to connect the Blu-Ray player to the TV using HDMI directly and run a coaxial or optical digital audio cable from the player to the receiver for audio.

If the TV doesn't support HDMI you're pretty much screwed. Your options are limited. You can get a $400 box that will convert HDCP encrypted video to component, you can get an older Blu-Ray player that still has component outputs, or you can get a new TV with HDMI.

There were a couple of old AV receivers that converted HDMI to component, but they didn't support converting HDCP protected video.
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I'd get a Marantz refurbished from accessories4less
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You correctly guessed there is no HDMI--> component conversion on an AVR so the video to TV/audio to AVR suggestion would likely be the least costly option. Otherwise your best bet would be last year's Denon 1613 on clearance or the current Denon E300, with the latter often on weekend sale at Fry's.
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Another option for you might be an hdfuryhdfury. I haven't personally used one, but is seems that these types of situations are what they were made for.

You could keep everything the way it is now, just connect the new BD player to the AVR using the hdfury. I'm not sure how the audio would be handled in this case though..

The other option would be to replace the AVR with an HDMI model and just use the hdfury to connect the display. This would probably be the better way to go.

The hdfury is cheaper than a new TV.....

Good luck! As nice as HD is, HDMI connections can be a huge pain.
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