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Startech 42U Rack

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Never bought an AV Rack before but stumbled upon someone local selling this adjustable rack for a great price.


Is there any reason that this would not work to house my equipment? My Sherbourne Amps and Pre-Amps all have rack mount ears, everything else I will buy shelves for.

This will be going in a dedicated AV Closet so I actually prefer the open design for ventilation.
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It's a basic black metal rack. If the hole spacing matches your existing gear's rack mounts you should have no problem, If you got a price much less than shown in the link proceed.
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The only thing you may need are the square rack nuts with screws if the holes are square instead of threaded. Otherwise, there should be plenty of holes to match the standard spacing on all rack-mount gear.
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Thanks Smokey and Big Mouth. I ended up calling Startech to ensure that hole spacing was standard. It does in fact have square holes but comes with the square washers and M5 bolts which will work with my equipment.

I ended up getting it for $120 from someone local and he had another that was open box that he gave me for free smile.gif

Just need to find some shelves for my non rack mount equipment.
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