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Best Projector Screen for 3D viewing

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Hi Guys.

Happy new year, best of luck for 2014

Quick Question.

At the moment I am using the Epson 2030 projector shooting a 92" diag image onto a egg shell beige colour wall.

Distance is approx 9' away from the screen, none ideal placement at the moment is on a coffee table using keystone correction to "try" to square the image. This is just a temporary placement until my basement is ready.

See the attached picture.

This is a sample of Planes in 1080p.

Projector calibrated with disney WOW disc.

I run the Projector in Eco mode, Cinema for both 2D/3D with Auto Iris on High Speed. I do not turn down the brightness in both modes.

Glasses used are Samsung SSG-5100GB/ZA, great glasses with instant sync. I have 4 pairs, and all work great.

Glasses Info :


Both 2D and 3D images are nice and bright. Tested a few HSBS,SBS,OU movies in 3D, and I am not sure if a screen is even required? They are Active glasses, not passive.

I am moving this set up to the basement in a few weeks. This is a dedicated home theater, with controlled light and ceiling mount for proper mounting of the projector. Will be shooting a 92" image as well, about 9' from the screen.

The walls will be painted in an egg shell shade of white, up to the wife to decide.

Floors are concrete with Black oil based paint all around.

Mount info :


I am drywalling and taping myself, so finishing the walls is up to me. I am getting pretty good at it, so the question comes whether or not I need a projection screen.

In 3D mode, the brightness does dim a bit when you enable it, but even with some pot lights dimmed the lumen output is very strong.

Looking at either Elite Screen, or something around $3-500, but not even sure if its required as our experience at the moment is excellent.

Please let me know what you guys think cool.gif. 2030_PRO.jpg 1025k .jpg file
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A good screen will improve the viewing experience - no question. You won't regret that decision. Since it's a relatively small screen area, you shouldn't have any trouble with brightness, even in 3D mode. Remember that the lamp will dim with age, but at only 92" you should be OK with a unity gain (1.0) screen.
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Curious you say this is a dedicated theatre then say the walls will be painted egg shell? This is not the way to go as it will markedly impact on the image depth by reducing the black level. chocolate brown colours are a better alternative if black is too heavy and looks pretty good. Add this to a light controlled room and a decent screen and you wont be questioning whether you need a screen or not again.
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