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audio quality from fz200

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I had made up my mind to change up from a still working panny gs500 minidv std def camcorder to the fz200 for my family to use for its hybrid capabilities. Until I delved into the Vids by Graham Houghton and heard (to me) the just terrible audio from the onboard mic. I have an oly e520 with lenses and flash so its difficult to justify dropping that investment and going mirrorless for the g6 w/m43 (my likely other choice, but beyond my $400 to $500 price range before $150 trade in value).

Can people here allay my concerns about the audio for family and kid movies? Or does everyone tack on a rode? Is the g6 any better? Is the audio on a regular camcorder like the vc720 or Sony cx430 much better? Or am I over thinking a few vids on YouTube? I watched the comparison with the vc920 and his vid on added mics when I grew concerned from m the 920 comparison.
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well like you said the simple answer would be adding a mic. it does have a cold shoe and an mic input
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Hi Phaet - built-in mics aren't great on any camera, in my view. I put mics on my camcorders too smile.gif

That said, I put an $80 Azden SMX10 mic on top of my FZ150 to improve the sound. It's still a pretty compact package:

The Azden is pretty noisy, so I recommend a $99 Rode Videomic Go - you'll need a $2 Hosa GPM-467 right angle adapter (pictured above) to go with it - the $440 FZ200 has a non-standard 2.5mm mic input jack.

That puts you $40 over your $500 limit, but will give you a nice little still/video camera.

Hope that's helpful,

Hybrid Camera Revolution
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I've been poking around checking out some mics which could work. I think what may be the best option is to get the camera, do some recording and see what I think and then decide if it needs more of an investment. It is more searching for some drawbacks to the FZ200 which I hadn't seen or thought, since i couldn't find really any problems when envisioning it for camcorder and camera use in terms of visuals as compared with other $500 camcorders.

What is your opinion of the audio from the camera? Other recordings on Youtube do still have some of the lack of bass, but not necessarily the boxiness which the interior Houghton videos had.
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Originally Posted by phaet2112 View Post

Until I delved into the Vids by Graham Houghton and heard (to me) the just terrible audio from the onboard mic.
I've owned a Panasonic SD90, TM900 and LX7 and they all had bad audio quality from the onboard mic. The Canon Rebel T3i I once owned had fairly good quality by comparison. Then when I got my Olympus E-M5 I was pleasantly surprised how rich the audio quality was. The Olympus E-M5, E-P5 and E-M1 all have good audio plus class leading 5 -axis image stabilization when shooting video. The E-M1 works fairly well with the four thirds lenses of your E-520, but the E-M5 and E-P5 don't unless you manually focus.
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I had mostly thought the video from oly m4/3 cams like the epm2 and epl5 (those within my price range) really wasn't near as good as the panny video quality because of the poorly implemented video codec compression they use. It is just for our family vids but Id like it to work well and also be easy for my wife to take pics with it without fumbling with lenses. And my lenses are mk1 14-54 and 40-150 so there is no real use of them on any body besides the em1. The

I'm making it out to be more absolute than things really are, so I'm going to see how they feel at best buy today.
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