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Bens budget/low mod room

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The lady and I had our first child Dec. 19th. Nala is beautiful and I couldn't have imagined how special being a father would be.

We've had budget "home theaters" since we've been living together (6 years) and now I've had my sound system packed up due to moving in with her parents for the first year of Nala's life.

I've been blessed with the opportunity to turn an old basement bedroom/storage room into a pseudo game/theater room.

room: 126" x 166" 126" wall has entry and closet on face and a small ~2 x 3' window opposite that we will outline with custom DVD/BLU shelving and a base cabinet for laser disc and CD drawers

It will be fitted with:

onkyo tx nr809
polk monitor 70's R,L
polk monitor 30's SR,SL,SBR,SBL
polk CS1 C
Panasonic 50ST60
PS3 & 2
possible Atari if we can get it fixed
Pioneer Laserdisc
Xfinity box
some form of HTPC that I don't need to discuss in this thread (a buddy of mine has the one I built 2 years prior and I plan on getting it back, does full 1080p playback, ripping, and PLEX)

The seating will be a quite limited 3 person love seat that has the movable ottoman on one side or the other (cushion flip)

My background:

26, I've been a cabinet maker my whole life, I recently received my associates in Audio Engineering, working at The Alamo Drafthouse (35mm lives!), and I'm an electronic music/bass music enthusiast. I also collect blu-rays and am one of those who can't stand streaming quality and dreams of having a CIH system at 2.4:1. I also follow Bill FitzMaurice and have built 4 T60's and 4 J10's for live shows.

Goal: learn as many details as I can from you guys so that I can offer this service to other friends and family. build a dedicated room when we get our own place and use it as a demo room for clients (2 years?)

Initial questions:

Looking at my attached image do you think the orientation of my theater is the best for what I have to work with?

Mom is already upset that I've asked to paint the trim/closet doors a darker color.. Being directly behind the TV what options should I research?

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I'd be tempted to flip the room end for end and use the closet for the electronics.

Then I'd start small using the tv and work my way to what Juanflaco pulled off.


The use of fabric walls with framing, could make the room returnable to current state, with
minimal patching and the closet door could be removed and stored. Assuming the parents
would even want the room flipped back... wink.gif

The closet looks like it could be used for a projector and additional throw distance. SeymourAV
XD DIY material makes for a nice screen that can hide all the speakers up front.

And there's the Theater for Hobbits too.

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