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Request you considered advice for my upcoming new home theater

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Dear Friends,


I am planning a home theater in a dedicated 22x15 feet room in the basement of my new house.

I have been advised the following-


1. Polk RTI A9 tower speakers (3 way, 500W, 90 d, 8 ohms)- Rs 99,000

2. Center Polk speaker 2 way 3 speakers 200 W 90 db 8 ohm center speaker CSI A6- Rs 28,000

3. Subwoofer Polk subwoofer Polk DSW PRO 660W1- Rs 40,000

4. Polk surround speakers bipolar 125 W, 89 d 8 ohms FXIA6- Rs 34,000

5. AV Receiver & sources- AV surround receiver 235 W x 7Ch 60 ohms Dolby True HD, DTS HD Denon AVRX-4000- Rs 120,000

6. Epson 3 D projector TW 8200- Rs 255,000

7. Projection screen 120 inches- Rs 35,500


Please can you advise me before I proceed further.

Your time is appreciated.






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Welcome, so far you have been advised by an equipment salesman eager to take your money. Let's first talk about what should be your FIRST PRIORITY: the design of the room. one major factor is speaker placement and whether you can use an acoustically transparent screen? If yes, forget about a center channel speaker and get three identical main speakers. A room that size deserves multiple sub-woofers to help even out the bass response.
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Maybe a quick sketch of the room you're looking to build a theater in will help us advise you better.
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Along with what Big suggested, that being multiple subwoofers and a proper room design, I would suggest a separate amplifier for your speakers. No matter whether you go with Polk Audio, which would certainly need it, or more efficient speakers like Klipsch, a room that size deserves a dedicated power amp. People on here can help you with all aspects of your build. There's a lot of knowledge and a ton of talent lurking on these forums.
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Hi Jeff & JVoth,


Thank you for your words of advice.

I am no architect and this is a rough sketch of the room.

Please can you advise.

Let me know if I need to give you more information.

I appreciate your time.





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What and how many seats are you planning and what do you watch most of the time? Bluray movies that are in 2:35 format or cable/satellite content in 16:9 format? In your location what speaker brands can you get?

Have you thought at all about how to tame the poor acoustics of the room? You say it is a tile floor what about the walls, If they are hard surfaces your best imvestment will be to add soft surfaces.
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Jeff, I have 3 walls which will be well padded on your suggestion.

Most speakers are available in India.

I would not e watching cable in this room.

This is a dedicated room for movies- Blu Ray, etc.

est wishes and thank you for your precious time.

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I am planning 6 seats for the room.

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Yes, what Big said is correct, the equipment can wait. Since this is a dedicated space, you need to focus on the room design and layout first. Getting your room properly planned is the single most important thing you can do, right now. Don't worry about the equipment, that will come in due time...
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Thanks Warren. I understand.

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Lets first talk about 6 seats, that means two rows in a 15 ft wide room. Are you planning to elevate the back row on a Riser of some kind?

Next if this room is mostly for blurays, you should do some reading on the merits of a 2.35:1 format screen. Historically screens have evolved. When HDTV came into vogue we all went to 16:9 now we try to accommodate the wide scope screen presentations. After you think about format you should consider whether you want an acoustically transparent screen so you can position speakers like a commercial theater, out of sight behind the screen for a clean look. Of you want everything on display sitting in front of the screen wall. You have the depth in your room for an acoustically transparent screen

Couple of examples: both 2.35:1 format screens

everything on display:

Everything hidden

There is an acoustic reason for the behind the screen. If it is mounted below the screen it is close to the floor and you will get a lot of reflection off your tile floor this will affect sound quality. Being low the first row of seating may also block the second rows direct sound path, again not a good thing. I am believer in acoustically transparent screens and getting the center channel up in the middle of the screen.
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