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Simple.TV Dual Tuner

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Did anyone pre-order this?
Very curious if shows are recorded full rez as broadcasted or if they get compressed down.
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I just got the single tuner model. Got it on WOOT for a low price so I thought it would be a good test if I could cut the cord.

There is some softening of the picture.

Might want to look at http://www.tablotv.com and http://ces.cnet.com/8301-35296_1-57616924/nuvyyos-tablo-dvr-streams-free-over-the-air-tv-to-all-your-devices-hands-on/

One thing I just found out that the Tablotv will have that my Simple.TV does not other than 4 tuners is Dolby 5.1.
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The new model is made by SiliconDust, which has a good reputation. So, PQ could improve.

Newegg has the shipping date set for the 31st.
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Shipped today......
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Originally Posted by Dmon4u View Post

Shipped today......

I can't wait to see your report/review on how it works for you...
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Mine is stuck in philadelphia because of snow. It should arrive soon.

Ive been surfing about and there's not much info yet. The only review I could find is here:

Apparently theres a problem with an internal fan running constantly. They say this can be fixed by software.
The surprising thing to me is how little there is to see when they look inside at the guts.
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I'm looking for their new software update that is supposed to add saving recordings (as MP4) to your computer. I don't expect them to offer native MPEG2 (which would've been nice).
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Simple.tv board has some feedback and info:

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That's just stupid using a fan for cooling without also using a heat sink and proper venting techniques. Once that fan clogs up, it's good-bye dvr to "heater Hell".

Right from launch they already screwed the pooch... Look for these to be dropped and discounted within 6 months.
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