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2.1 sound system into CD player? - amateur question

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I know nothing about CD players and was hoping somebody here could quickly tell me something. If I have a 2.1 sound system and want to connect this to a CD player via an optical cable, would this work?
Do CD players have channels? (Haha I'm sorry but I really don't know)
Would I receive the same sound quality if I connected this to a television?
If I did the same process as stated above, but for a 5.1 system would this work as well?

Really amatuer questions I know, but it would really help clarify my understanding.

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Stereo CDs (which is just about all of them) have two channels of audio.

The speakers in modern TVs are atrocious. They only provide a poor version of stereo (2.0) audio. You'll get much better quality sound if you invest in a soundbar, in an HTIB (Home Theater In a Box) or in a receiver plus quality speakers and a subwoofer.

To make use of a subwoofer, you need an audio system which provides bass management. That's the name for the process of extracting the lowest frequencies from the two channels of a stereo soundtrack and diverting them to a subwoofer. I assume that's what you mean by calling it 2.1.

Some Blu-ray players have multichannel analog outputs and include their own bass management, but a better solution is to use an audio/video receiver. All AVRs include bass management. You'd connect your disc player (CD, DVD or Blu-ray) to the receiver using either S/PDIF (coax or optical) or HDMI, and configure the receiver to enable bass management, specifying an appropriate "crossover frequency" for each of your speakers. Low frequencies below that crossover frequency are the ones which are sent to the subwoofer (the .1 part of 2.1).

Does this help?
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So if my receiver goes into the CD player via an optical cable, and my speakers + subwoofer are hooked into the receiver, this will be okay? I just want to make sure that the subwoofer will function along with the speakers when I connect the receiver and CD player together.

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Yes, all three speakers will work fine, so long as bass management is enabled in the receiver.
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