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I just upgraded my entire system. I bought what I feel are high quality components for what you would spend on an entry level Bose or a mid range htib. I wanted to post this in case it may help someone who didn't have $5k or more to spend. Some of my components were purchased used but like new and my receiver was an open box at best buy which I negotiated an additional $150 off. The key is to be patient and remember everything is negotiable especially on open box or discontinued items. The deals are out there if you look and wait for the right deal. So here is the list if equipment :
Old stuff
Infinity primus 362 mains cost $229/PR ebay
Infinity p351 center $150 Amazon
Pioneer vsx 819 $300 circuit city
Polk t50 bookshelf surrounds $50 black Friday deal
Velodyne cht-12 $500.circuit city
As you may guess this system was pretty old but not bad. Had less than $1700 into it and it served me well. For a few hundred more I ended up with this
New system
Jbl l890 mains $400/PR on Craig's list. Got them like brand new with original boxes
Jbl lc2 center $380 Amazon - This speaker is a bit ridiculous. Stands a foot high but sounds awesome! Crystal clear.
jbl es10 (2pair) surrounds and heights $150/PR
Pioneer elite vsx-70 $400 best buy open box.
Svs 20-39 PC plus $400 CL
So all in I have $1900 in equipment. Add a couple hundred for wires mounts and stands and I have a retail of nearly $5,000 system for $2100.
Everything at the next best web price should cost around $3500. I got some great deals and the system sounds great. Next is some diy Subs. I guess its never really finished huh?

Don't be cheap on the cables

Old system
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