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Would like to visit someone's DIY HT

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I've been designing my home theater ever since I moved into my current house (about 2 years now). The problem is, I've only been in one other Home Theater in Destin Florida and it was FAR beyond anything I could ever afford without winning the lottery. That may not seem like a problem but having that theater as a reference point is like learning how to drive on a Ferrari 458 and then buying your first car......... a Honda Civic.

It seems forward to ask this, as I feel like such a beginner, but I would like to visit someone's DIY theater, see and hear what it sounds like, and be able to ask questions of the owner about the build and costs and planning, etc. I'd even be willing to visit a theater that is in any of the stages of construction as well.

I live near Lynchburg, Virginia and if there was something within a few hours of here that I could come see some weekend this winter/spring, that would be great. Feel free to PM me or reply to this post if any of you have any suggestions of locations or would be willing to let me come see your masterpiece.

This entire community is extremely helpful and always seems willing to provide constructive advice whenever appropriate and I would like to think that there would be one or two people that would welcome a "newbie" into their HT for a demo and Q&A.
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There is a great group of guys here from VA. I'm sure you will be able to find not only some excellent DIY theaters to visit, but also some new friends who love this stuff!

Search out BigMouthInDC and send him a message. I think he should be able to help you find what you are looking for. smile.gif
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Several of the local DIY home theater builders have reached their point of show and tell fatigue. One suggestion is to contact Snickers1 about his theater and his screen company (Falcon Screens) . He would love to talk to you about both. He also is a DIY speaker builder as a bonus. If you want an acoustically transparent screen, he offers a cash and carry discount.
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I'm in Gainesville, FL and would absolutely love to visit someone's DIY HT as well. I am building my own theater in a 17x22 bonus room above the garage in a new house. Anyone in this area? I'm willing to drive a few hours.
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I doubt I'll get any interest being way out here on a rock, but I'll offer to show my theater to fellow DIY'ers. Mine is not fully completed yet but it's fully functional. I'm not a pro like Big so all of the construction involved was my first attempt ever at these things. Still, it would have been VERY helpful to walk around and get some basic measurements as well as list the things I liked and disliked in an example theater prior to building my own. So, if you happen to be in Hawaii on the island of O'ahu and you're serious about building your own DIY theater, I'd be happy to show you around mine. smile.gif
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I'm in the daytona beach area if you are interested.

I'm in the finishing stages of my media room.
I was DIY for design though I did use a GC to express my vision.

Let me know via pm if you have any interest.
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