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Access to area behind AT screen

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I am trying to determine the best way to access the area behind my AT Screen. The theater is located in the basement and the front wall borders a utility closet. No real soundproofing on basement level, Walls will not be decoupled, only insulated, single DW and solid core door. Ceiling will be insulated, DD and GG on clips and channel (only to reduce noise from/to above). Speakers to be located behind AT screen, screen will almost be wall to wall, stage does not allow for much room under screen, only access will be to remove screen.

I could place a door in the front wall and have access from the utility room. This might make treating the front wall extra challenging. Is the location of my front wall something I should take advantage of?


I could remove the screen to gain access. Not sure how much of a pain this will be or how often I will want to get back there.

Thanks In advance for help you can give me.
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Can you post an image/plan with dimensions, so we can see what you have to work with?

You can use removable panels (the ones that are surrounding the screen) for access. They can be pressure fit or use a bit of velcro to hold in place. I'd only go with an actual door if really needed, doors tend to create more problems (in a home theater) than they solve...
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I have to unhook a corner of the screen to get behind as my whole front wall is screen/ frame. Takes 5 minute to unpin a corner large enough to get in. I rarely have to go back there. I have 2 subs and 3 LCRs and a screen masking control module behind there.. The amps for the LCRs and subs are elsewhere in an accessible rack in the back of the room. Not really an issue at all.

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You could use cleats to mount the screen and have it removable.
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I think I've seen at least one person with screen hinged at the top, so they can lift it up from the bottom and prop it up high enough to get underneath, but I don't have a specific example to point to.
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I can do most of what I need to do behind the screen by removing the fabric panel below the screen. If I can't, it takes 5 minutes at most to remove everything from my screen wall as everything is friction fit and the screen is hung on a French cleat system, as most are.
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Thanks for the advice, sorry it took me so long,

Sounds like I will gain access from the screen wall I was planning for friction fit pannels and hanging the screen with a french cleat system. From bigs response is sounds like he hung the screen and then butts the pannels up to the screen frame vs hanging the screen over the pannels. That would be why the pannels must come out before the screen is removed, Is that correct?
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I have piano hinges at the top connecting my screen to the false wall. I just need to lift my screen and use something to hold it up (like a kickstand).

you can kind of see the hinges attached to the screen here
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