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Marantz SR6008 or SR5008+$90 Phono Preamp?

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I'm about to purchase a new Marantz receiver through an accommodation program through my job. I'm between the SR5008 and SR6008

I'll be running a fairly simple stereo setup with just 2 Polk RTIA7 towers and a CD player, Turntable, TV antenna, Chromecast and PS3 hooked in, so I don't necessarily need all of the extra inputs/outputs that the SR6008 has. However, my current phono pre-amp for my turntable is not all that great and the SR6008 has a dedicated phono input (the SR5008 does not). The SR6008 is only $90 more than the SR5008 for my accommodation pricing.


So the question lies: Would it be better to go with the SR6008 and not have to worry about a phono pre-amp, or stick with the SR5008 and put that $90 towards a better quality phono pre-amp?


Thanks for any help!

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Considering there is a $350 difference in MSRP between the two models, worth paying the extra $90 for the SR6008 especially if you ever decide to expand to multi channel audio or Zone 2.
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Multi-zone isn't something I can see myself ever needing to do, so I'm mostly just interested in the Phono Stage. I can't seem to find much info on current Marantz phono stages, are they generally good quality (better than a phono pre-amp I could buy for ~$100)?

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Marantz makes very good equipment so personally I would trust their AVR with the phono input over buying phono pre. 

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Ordered the SR6008. Thanks a bunch for the input guys!
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i'm planning to buy new AVR to replace my current Yamaha RX-V473, which is better choice for audio/video quality between SR6007 or SR5008? They cost about the same here. Mainly use is listening music from CD's or via PC FLAC's and MP3's and watching blu-ray movies from my 2.1 system . So i don't really need airplay or other internet options for my amp.
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Both would be comparable in audio quality, however, each would offer a few features not found on the other. Choose based on your feature requirements.
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