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Trying to decide on an A/V rec.

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I'm kinda stuck between 3 units from Pioneer.

It will be replacing a Yamaha RX-V575 that I got for Christmas from the wife.

I'm looking at the VSX-1123-k , the VSX-70 elite ( I can't see a lot of difference between those two.)

The other is the SC-71 ( possibly the SC-72 depending on the price point I can find)

They all seem to have the same features except the amp sections, And I'm Not sure if there is

a difference between the 1123 and the 70.


I really like the looks of the 71 and 72 elites over the standard model.

they will be driving a pair of Klipsch kg5.5's and a kv-2 center along with 2 Klipsch sw10's

and some random rear surrounds from yamaha and jbl.

Any thoughts on these amps.

I haven't seen much out there on the SC-71 elite on the site.

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Just ran across some of the new Marantz units. The 5008 or 6008 are also now contenders.

the build quality looks really nice. I have a sr5200 in the second tv room from years ago.

It's been a solid amp from day one.

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I guess it all comes down to what you need the receiver to do. How many Ins/Outs? Are you performing any Zoning with the receiver? Do you need 12v trigger to run external amps? Do you prefer discrete mini-toaster amps or the cooler running D3 digital amps?
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Inputs aren't a big concern, neither is the 12v trigger. It's a dedicated amp for one room only.

As far as heat goes the room is big enough that isn't an issue.

30x30 theater room built just for my a/v stuff.

I've been slowly filling it with the best I can afford atm, When I built it in '93 I spent all my money on speakers. My Klipsch have been a good investment.  I'm ordering the crossover and tweeter update for them as well.

I do like the pre outs on the marantz. That would allow dedicated amps in the future if needed.


I wish I could hear and play with one before making the choice but it seems the days of

high end or dedicated stereo stores have gone the way of the dinosaur.

The more I research this the more complicated it seems to get.

The last time I bought an AVR was when I got the Marantz SR5200, I cant even remember when that was.

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