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New 3D cameras at 2014 CES?

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Anyone there seen anything?
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Nothing so far from the major players. Everything this year is promoting 4K 2D camcorders.

Sony said they are continuing to manufacturer the TD 30 but their sales push will be to move the line of 4K camcorders for 2014.
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We will not see new s3D cameras in the foreseeable future - to my opinion. The s3D camera business has shown limited sales figures both in terms of number of units sold, but also in revenues. According to rumors JVC has stopped the TD1 production at all - Panasonic still sells the Z10K but the more consumer oriented cameras with the 3D-lens has not ben relevant really. Sony has decreased the IO from the TD10 to the TD20 and again from the TD20 to the TD30 - and that is the actual situation.

Given the strong canibalisation that the industry sees in the range below $500/Euro 500 for cameras from all kind of smartphones, we can be happy if some of the market players can survive in the business at all. Writting red figures in a business unit is not the best situation to stay in this business.

That does not mean that s3D is dead - not as long as we see more and more movies arriving in s3D. But the cheap consumer line seems to decline.
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The next 3d camcorder will be 4k, and I think it will be at least a few years before we see that. First, we have to wait for 4k to accepted, then someone will slap the inners of a 4k cam into one 3d cam and sell it for double.I don't see the 4k camcorders taking off any better than the 3d cams of the past.
I am still a bit surprised that 3d point and shoots (like the wonderful panny 3d1) are dead in the states and no one one is selling a U.S. model that can do video/still 3d.
Of course, things could speed up if the upcoming crop of glasses-free 3d sets become popular.
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I read that Vizio is not making any more 3D TVs this year, just selling inventory. If that trend continues, 3D will only be a very small niche market in the future.
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We learn lots by attending CES and NAB.

The deal with Vizio is a follow the trend, not to be a trend setter. They will offer 3D when the demand is there. Vizio is all about low cost and most bang for the buck, sacrificing quality wherever it may not be noticed.

I usually attend both NAB and CES and there continues to be a large offering of 3D systems for professional production. The difference is that the consumer market, loves to watch 3D movies but is not interested in shooting video for 3D. Instead, the consumer is far more interested in what they can post quickly to Facebook. One level up from consumer is the wedding and event professional. Notice that editing and photo retouch software is not shown at CES either. These are not popular among consumers. Even 2D camcorders are few at CES and said to be a dying activity since palmcorders are of more interest to consumers. DSLR cameras are still very popular as consumers are in 3 camps here. They either shoot and post to Facebook from their phones, shoot and dump to computer with point and shoot, or become a serious hobbyest with a full DSLR? 3D just doesn't fit. The consumer is just not sophisticated enough to understand 3D. Now at NAB we'll see more 3D in the systems to mount dual single cameras, than 3D camcorders.
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Here's a depressing article about 3d at the CES show. Some points I agree with, some I don't. I do think that they most people don't want to deal with the complexity of 3d.
I mean, for my dlp set, I had to get a 3d kit, set up an emitter, some other box, then the glasses, and to watch a 3d movie, have to scroll through a couple of menus to toggle the setting to activate the 3d. And, even though I have all this 3d stuff going, I occassionally get a br that won't play , get a message that my equipment is not 3d compatible and then I have to trick the player into thinking it is.
Of course, there are other depressing issues, like no more 3d espn, and a 3d channel on Directtv that is really like a sales loop.
So, it is no wonder that joe sixpack doesn't want anything to do with 3d; he just wants to sit down, turn on one flip'in switch and watch.
Although the number of people who shoot 3d is small, I don't think it is going away. I think the prices for used US spec panny 3d1 cameras are holding pretty firm, that's pretty telling. I occassionally send my 3d prints to Snapily.com and my coworkers are pretty impressed with those lenticular prints of me and my family.
I think I can draw an analogy to stereo equipment- I like to listen to vinyl played through two 9' electrostatic speakers. I know a lot of people content to just listen to music off their ipod. The same applies to 3d. People rather make a video with their cell phone than with a 3d cam (or any camcorder).
Until people see how wonderful 3d is, the products will be far and few.
Oh, and about Vizio walking away from 3d? I have always thought that Vizio made crappy tv's, stuff that would serve as door busters on black friday.
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Originally Posted by dclark View Post

I occassionally send my 3d prints to Snapily.com and my coworkers are pretty impressed with those lenticular prints of me and my family.

Thanks for the heads up on Snapily.com 3D prints. Wish they were bigger, though.
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Do you remember Viewmaster with the circular 3D slide shows? Must be a resurgence of this now as I learn from my grand kids who have them. Daughter tells me they are becoming popular. She thought they were something new until I told her I had them 60 years ago. 3D is here to stay. smile.gif
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I was at the Clark museaum about a year ago in Eureka, CA and they had a handheld stereo scope thingy from the early 1900's that you can could hold and view b&w 3d pics from the 1920's . I saw nice pics, even one of San Francisco, don't remember if it was before or after the quake. I guess this makes the Viewmaster stuff look like Johnny come lately stuff
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I have some Viewmaster reels from the 1950's of Gene Autry and the Cisco Kid. They still look great. I also had a Viewmaster camera about 15 years ago and took about 5 reels worth, but the quality was very grainy. I read that the Viewmaster commercial reel originals were made with a pro-35mm stereo camera and reduced to reel size thus maintaining a higher level of detail and less grain. Today, I use the Panasonic 3D1 for all my 3D images. Here's my next purchase, and there is also a viewer available. For the price, why not. http://www.holgacamera.com/holga-iphone-case-with-3d-lens-set/
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That looks pretty nifty, you'll have to report back on how well it works. For the rest of us who have a 3d1, we will be using those for a long time...
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Although not a perfect 3D camera, I just ordered a 3D attachment device for my iPhone. I saw a friends and had to have it. It is called Poppy3D and it has no electronic parts. You simply put your iPhone 4s, 5 or 5s into a slot and use it to take 3D video or stills. A very simple device. It uses a splitter and two small mirrors to capture side by side images into the iPhone. It also acts as a viewer, much like the viewmaster of old. It costs $59 plus tax and shipping. You can also use it to view 3D Youtube videos. You can read about it at Poppy3D.com.
Poppy3D.jpg 66k .jpg file
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The poppy is clunky, but it looks to be more useful than the Holga for around the same price.
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I do not understand how the Holga compares. I went to their website and it did not look like it does 3D, seems it only has one lens position. How could you get 3D from it?
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Originally Posted by Villageman View Post

I do not understand how the Holga compares. I went to their website and it did not look like it does 3D, seems it only has one lens position. How could you get 3D from it?

It has a spit mirror for the left and right eye images. Are you sure you went to the right link above? They have several single lenses for the iphone as well. That said, they only have one 3D image on their discussion website and it's not very good.
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." Are you sure you sent to the right link above?"

Thanks for the info. I did not go to that link, just googled and ended up seeing other stuff like a film camera and a dial filter thing for iPhone. I see now what they have. It looks like the eye base might be kind of narrow for 3D. I have a Fuji 3D W3 that has 75 mm eye base. It looks like the Poppy is about that too. The Fuji is pretty good for stills and video. But I have not been able to edit the 3D video so can only play it as taken on my TV. Fuji has a lenticular finder which is pretty nice 3D image for framing the shot and for playback. The resolution is a bit higher than the iPhone as it has two 10 megapixel CCDs and 3X optical zoom. I convert the 3D MPO files to stereo Jpegs and view them on my 3D TV. I am hoping to be able to view the Fuji jpegs on the Poppy. I see Holga has a similar looking $10 viewer that might be just the thing for viewing them as well. I took a lot of 3D pics with the Fuji on a 16 day cruise. Fellow passengers were impressed with just seeing the results on the lenticular finder screen. I could have sold a dozen of the little Fuji if I had had them. A viewer like the Poppy or the Holga and probably could have sold fifty. Thanks again.
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I have both the Panasonic 3D1 and the Fuji W3. While the Fuji has a nice 3D roundness to it, I found indoor shots to be poor, and the 3D1 much better-no flash, hand held, slow shutter--however, both don't do well with flash. I did edit some 3D1 video with Windows 7 Movie Maker http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/products/features/movie-maker, and uploaded it to Youtube in SBS format and selected stereo and it worked--I assume you could do the same with Fuji 3D video! You should be able to watch that on your TV as well. My video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFZX4xJNLuY The following was done with Vegas Movie Studio (I think): http://youtu.be/gIgTDQ1FnCQ a couple years ago of the Henry Ford Museum. Click the wheel on the right side and select options to change to 1080p, switch R/L eyes, or select different types of 3D.
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