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Rack mountable Gig Switch

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I’m looking for a rack mountable 8-16 port unmanaged gigabit switch, but… I’d like the ports to be in the back (hidden from view). Anyone have recommendations?
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I doubt they make one. The purpose of the rack mount switch is easy access to see both line status and hookups. Throwing the connections on the back of the unit defeats that ability.

If you have a four post rack, buy a normal switch and mount the switch to the back two posts, facing the opposite direction as your gear, instead of the front posts. I did it to help hide it from view and it works great.
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I've got some kind of switch in my rack tucked on the back some where, Who needs to look at the lights. I don't even know what those blinkin lights are trying to tell me.
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Pakedge is the only company that I'm aware of.

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@deewan/bigmouth - my rear brackets are only 16 inches high. I can potentially replace those with full length and rig it. I can also just screw it into a wall on one of the sides of the rack. I don't need to look at it.

@BllDo - wasn't aware of that company, thank you. Non manageable and no POE for $350 is steep.
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use a rack with rear rails and mount any conventionally designed switch back there. That's what we have doing with the latest rash of IP control based Crestron and Extron systems we have been putting in the bigger classrooms.
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Sounds like what I'll have to do. Thanks all - off to buy full length rear rails.
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Very few are rear ported. Especially 16 port.. this is my personal fav for 8 port. I use this in my theater and other parts of my home. Very reliable switch and preferred it over an all switches I've owned previously.. The 8 port version is rear ported.

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I just mount mine to the back of the rack, I don't need to see it.
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I happen to have a brand new pakedge switch I will sell for a sweet price. http://pakedge.com/docs/sw24_gbp_brochure.pdf for info on the model. Rear ports like you desire. $1150 is retail. Fully managed. Your price is not even half and less then dealer cost.
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What's the deal with the Pakedge stuff? To be honest, I'd never heard of them until a few weeks ago, but seem to come across their name in a ton of AVS posts all of a sudden.

I'm failing to see what is special about them. Seems like a normal Ethernet switch that is being hyped and marketed to the niche A/V market?
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Only real brand that is focusing directly to the a/v market. Their new Xcore line looks gorgeous in a rack, the rear ports, and things like allowing Apple TV for example to speak across multiple vlans without needing a full layer 3 switch. The have a very complete lineup of switches from unmanaged to managed to full poe or some poe some reg. Access point controller, rack mounted access point, ip power strips. Good stuff
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Look at pakedge.com
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