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Need help looking for a 5.1 home theater system

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I'm looking for a buddy of mine as a good size room they are looking for a 5.1 systems they really would like the speakers that are white if possible there looking to spend about 1K to 1,500 any ideas would be great
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Also it can black in color as well
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Too little info. Just HOW big is the room? Is there space for large receiver, of a slim central unit desired? What speaker sizes? What input sources will be used? Cable, PC, game consoles? What model TV they have (yes, it matters), do they want a front HDMI port? Do they want something integrated, with Blu-Ray player, or a dedicated receiver? Can they run speaker wires, or they need wireless? (Wires are always better unless room design make running them impossible)
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That said, have a look at Sony BDV-N9100W

Sold by VideoPro, not sure how reliable are they though

It seems to be a european model.
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There room size is about 15x11 they really are looking for white speakers. But now there saying black is fine. They would like to try to stay away from any real big receiver. Also there TV is a 55 LG and this will most likely be used for TV watching maybe a little bit of movies but I would say about 90% TV shows.. They would love a system that has smaller size speakers but want great quality as well? What do you suggested?
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Again, click that link I provided. Here is the smaller version of same system:

Sony BDV-N7100W White, from PCRush.com

Also white. Here is the problem: white systems are a rarity in USA. Bose makes white, but they charge outrageous prices for systems that are no better than what you can get for 4-5 times less from Sony and others. White models are mostly European and you have to hunt for them through obscure retailers.

If they are OK with black, and are not too picky, they can just go to any of the major electronics retailer website: Amazon, B&H, Newegg, Crutchfield, many others, go to 'Home Theater Systems' section and look in their price range for whatever looks good. Here is the black version of the system I linked above:

Sony BDV-N7100W, $550, from Amazon.

Really any HTIB from a known brand (Sony, Onkyo, Yamaha, Denon, Samsung, LG) in $600-800 price range should deliver what they need.
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I have a Panasonic SC BT230. Want to buy it?
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I'm looking for a modest surround sound replacement for our living room, something that will run our TV, gaming systems, DVDs, radio & USBs. It's an odd sized living room that's 17' long, 15' wide & 20' high. 2 of the sides are open which restricts me to a 5.1  My biggest concern is acoustics. I was wondering if anybody has experience with those bars & maybe a sub & 2 rear speakers or if I should go true 5.1? Modest budget on this as the Mrs. has insisted on getting blinds so this is my requirement for appeasing her.  Not opposed to a HTIB.  I saw somebody ask about the TV & our current one is a 55" Samsung though I don't know the model off of the top of my head.  Will be upgrading in a year or so but would like to have SS until then. 

On a side note, I did see these speakers which are getting good reviews so if anyone can recommend a good receiver to go along with them that will offer all of the functions listed above that would be helpful.

Energy Take Classic 5.1


EDIT: I can hard wire the rear speakers & would prefer to do so.

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Price point? The Take Classic speakers are pretty good as far as bookshelves go. Yamaha, Onkyo, and Denon all make good receivers that would work just fine with the Classics. You can get any of those receivers with an automatic calibration system but the reviews are mixed on Audyssey and Aydyssey-like auto cal systems, at least for those size of speakers. You could probably achieve just as good, if not better audio by manually calibrating but that's up to you and what sounds best. Our room is about your size and our bookshelves sound just fine. However, we don't play them really loud or listen to bass that shakes the windows (too old for that now wink.gif).
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Otto - I'm trying to stay around $1K if possible.  Somebody at another site that I frequent made this suggestion:


I'd go 5.1, can't say I've ever listened to a sound bar or know much about them. Since your room has open sides there is not much for sound to reflect off of so I doubt a sound bar would perform as good as a discrete 5.1 system.

Since you mention that acoustics are important I would recommend an AVR that has Audyssey(preferably) or other type of room correction/equalization software. This Denon AVR 1713 would be a good choice, plenty of juice @ 120W per channel with 6 ohm speakers like the towers below.

AVR-1713 $345.00

For bang for your buck speakers do some research on these Andrew Jones designed Pioneer speakers, they have gotten lots of great reviews - fronts, center and bookshelfs. Or two pair of bookshelfs (fronts and rears) if there is no room for floor standers. Personally I'd go with the towers but not everyone has the room. Definitely a step up over the little Energy cubes. If going with the towers and to stay within budget I'd recycle a pair of speakers for the rears if you have some or go without until later. If you can stretch the budget then get the matching bookshelfs.

2 Towers + Center $360.00 or 4 Bookshelf + Center $360.00 or 2 Towers + Center + 2 BS $480.00

Spend whatever you have left over on the best sub you can swing, something with at least a 10" woofer, preferably 12" for a room your size. An affordable 12" sub that is getting some decent reviews, NXG BAS-500-12. You might have to do some hunting to find a place that has them in stock. Here's a review. There is big thread over at AVS on budget subs under $300 if you want some more options.

NXG Sub $260.00

A solid "modest budget" 5.1 system right in the $1K vicinity.



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If you want small white speakers then check these out. Regularly $500 but currently on sale for $199. You'd still need to add a receiver and sub too.

They also sell them at Best Buy.

if black speakers are okay the NHT SuperZero 2.1 is a pretty good small bookshelf.
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