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January 10th - CES 2014

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Today's Show:
Early January every year, it seems the entire consumer electronics industry descends upon Las Vegas, NV for the annual pilgrimage to CES. We decided to make a virtual pilgrimage this year, but have a lot of exiting news and product announcements to share.

We also discuss:
  • Whole House Audio with Airport Express

and a lot more...

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That TV that changes from slightly curved to flat panel when you turn it off - That is most useless feature ever in the history of all inventions. I could hear it in Ara's voice when Braden mentioned. I mean really, why bother putting in motors and hinges and such when the tv can be just curved? (If they really insist on making it curved in the first place!)

It just goes to show that manufacturers are running out of ideas and flat screens are becoming ubiquitous to the point of being hard-to-distinguish appliances like dishwashers. 3d was a bust. Smart tvs didn't really catch on and they often performed poorly with slow and buggy "apps". Picture quality doesn't sell to the masses. The switch to LED actually made TVs worse but they did it anyways. So they have tried and are still trying every gimmick possible, but now they are just getting desperate to come up with the next thing and the motorized curved tv thing just shows how stupid things are becoming. Perhaps Sharp will add an ice dispenser to their next Quattron.

I'm not sure what the next big thing will be. It may just be that the rush of sales to replace CRTs in the flat screen's heyday is over and the industry won't see another sales surge for 20 more years. Manufacturers need to understand that cheap gimmicks don't move product. It is going to take genuine innovation to be the next big thing.
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