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20x18 living room speaker

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I need help with choosing between KEF T305  5.1 system or Definitive Technology ProCinema 1000  5.1 system.

I'm leaning more towards the KEF t305  because of the slim design but I'm afraid the performance wont be better than def tech because of their slim design speakers.  (I rather pick quality of the sound over looks but if I can get both sound and slim look with KEF,  I rather buy them) Can you please recommend an amp for this also, my budget for amp is around $400-$500.


Its for a living room 20x 18 and the back wall is open to kitchen area.


I have very little knowledge about speakers and amp, if anyone can help me, greatly appreciated.


thanks in advance.

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do you need such small or slim speakers for that huge room? for that kind of money you could get some really great speakers.
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I thought it will look cool but like I said, if it sound good I wont mind spending that much because it will go well with my tv and furniture set in the living room.  do you recommend any other speaker sound better for a lower price?

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can you use bookshelves on stands? for $1500 you could get one heck of speaker setup.
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Hey mark, thanks for your reply, I wont mind bookshelf speakers but I want to mount it on the wall, I wonder if they look too bulky on my walls. They had kef t305 5.1 set on Amazon for $1700 but I dont know if they sound good
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sounds like you really want the Kefs. i dont know anything about them but the laws of physics can only be bent so much. the internal volume of the enclosure would worry me.

you have a big room that opens to another room so if you want room filling sound i dont know if these are the way to go. between the 2 you listed i would go for the Def Techs. but if it was me i would get front ported bookshelves and hang them. it does sound like you want a system that will hide in the room over sound quality.

another thing is those subs are not going to produce a lot of output in that large room.

so no i do not think in your room the Kefs are going to sound $1700 good.

only you can decide if the bookshelves would look too bulky on the wall. i put sound before looks so.....

in the end this is just my opinion, but again i dont think those will do well in your room, however if you want something better than your TV speakers most certainly they will sound better.

here is an example of some really nice looking front ported bookshelves that sound very good for the money.




and they have matching centers, but i have a feeling these are too big for you. they do also have wall mounts for them.
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If you have to wall mount the bookshelf speakers, NHT speakers are sealed. I just picked up some for my living room (same size as yours) and they sound great. They also sell "on wall" speakers, which can be mounted to the wall with just a nail/screw etc... I bought the ThreeC center and (2) Classic 3 bookshelf speakers.

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