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Yes another help me choose Yamaha RX-A3010 vs Onkyo TX-NR929

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Had an Onkyo TX-NR808 and the HDMI board finally took a dump. I may be getting it repaired but I'll be upgrading as well and moving the older onkyo to bedroom/backup duty.

Currently looking at refurbished receivers, specifically the Onkyo TX-N929 and the Yamaha RX-A3010. Don't know much about the Yamama so thought I'd get some input.

This AVR will be remotely rack mounted and feeding a plasma in family room with in-wall Triad Silver LCR speakers.

So thoughts?

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About a year ago I've replaced an 706 Onkyo with old known hdmi bar crap, for an Yamaha 2020.
The first impression was about the speakers, Jamo Concert 607 for fronts and the same brand for the rest, in a 550 sq ft living room, which was very appropriate for the Onkyo, but a little bit small for the Yamaha.
In a bad comparison, I've changed a GM Equinox for a Lambo Urus.
Maybe I'll never have a chance to really test it.
I need to tell you that I have a lack of words to describe it.
The only thing that I'm confident to tell you is that I can listen to the diference between the records even more. Good mixing on CDs, DVDs and BDs are awesome, but if not that much, what was listening bearable becomes almost annoying.
Once that I can't release all the power without crash a window or having a neighbour ringing at my door, I suggest a visit to a distributor for your own impressions.
All the best
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If it were my purchase it would be the 3010 easily. Check the threads and you will see that the Onkyo's are still having HDMI problems. You will more than likely replace that Yamaha while it is still working long after the Onkyo is scrap metal. JMHO.
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Hi again,
I was confuse about the numbers. The 3010 is great but doesn't have 4k
On EBay the 2020 is,


at Amazon,


There's another options on both sites for good Yamaha receivers near $ 1000,00

I hope it helps
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I currently own 3 Yamaha receivers and 1 Onkyo. The Yamahas never have any problems. The Onkyo has had many problems.

I think Onkyo gives you a lot of features for the money, but they can do this because they use inferior components. My definition of an inferior component is one that breaks with normal use. If you only need a receiver to last a few years and you can give it good ventilation, then Onkyo is a good option. Otherwise, it's not.

I think audyssey is better than ypao, but both generally do what they're supposed to do.
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