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I'm trying to track down a table top stand for my Pioneer PDP-LX508A plasma as I am moving house and wall mounted wont be an option. The official table top stand for this plasma is model PDK - TS29A, however, I haven't been able to find one of these.

I can buy model KRP-TS02 which is officially designed for pioneer plasma models PDP-LX5090H and PDP-LX5090 and have been told by the seller it will be fine for my plasma. The only difference between the 2 stands is that KRP - TS02 is 350mm deep while PDK - TS29A is 301mm deep. The width and height dimensions are identical.

Before I purchase, I was wondering if anyone with a good knowledge of the Pioneers could confirm the KRP - TS02 table top stand is suitable for the PDP-LX508A plasma.

Many thanks.