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New Screen Design for BenQ W1070 in light controlled area

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My Infocus X1's bulb gave up the ghost and I elected to upgrade to the Benq W1070, and I'm electing to upgrade my screen area as well.

My current screen is a DaLite, and it did ok - but I want to exceed it's performance with a fun, yet simple DIY screen that is slightly larger and 16:9.

Here's the current screen area:

The home theater is multi use, located in the basement with the projector ceiling mounted in front. I can control all light in the basement - I have dimming lights, sconces, etc. Most of the time the lights are at least partially dimmed in the home theater area - sometimes light comes in from the pool table and gaming area behind the seating area, or all lights are off and just a few of the lights in the home theater are dimmed.

The screen would best be targeted to a low-to-moderate level of ambient light.

I've been researching, and my current thought is the following:

Screen Size: 80" X 45" 16:9 ratio- floating above a black masked background between the two columns.

(My two columns are 87" apart.)

Screen Material: Menard's Melamine - Dakota 1/4" white finish
Masking Material: Black Plush Triple Velvet
Paint: Behr Silverscreen, Sherman Williams neutral, MaxxMudd - this is where I need the most help
French cleat: beveled 1X3s
Foam board: 1/2" Foil Faced Panel Insulation

My current thought is to mask the entire wall between the two columns and perhaps paint the columns and header. I'd like to find some drapes as well for ambiance.

For the masking my thought is to cut the foil faced insulation panels to size, wrap them in the triple plush black velvet, using adhesive or staples on the back to adhere them, and then mounting them flush to the wall.

Are velcro strips the best way to adhere my masking panels to the wall? Or will they just naturally "stick"?

Then, I'll cut the melamine sheet to 85X40. I'll install a French cleat and spacers to the back of my cut melamine using construction adhesive. I'll mount the other part of the French cleat on the wall in the appropriate location and install the screen. This

I will then position the screen and dial in the projector.

Finally, I'll paint the screen.

My initial thoughts are to go simple and do Behr Silverscreen or a Sherwin Williams neutral.

However, I'd love to consider a MaxxMudd. I am wondering if I can always just paint it over a Behr / SW base paint in the future without issue?

My main goal is to improve on my DaLite with something I can pull off fairly easily. Painting something already mixed with a roller I can pull off. Mixing ingredients simply I can do. I don't want my first DIY screen to be a frustrating, difficult paint mixing experience requiring lots of trips to the hardware store and buying throw-away paint mixing tools I'll never use again. I am pretty handy - that's not the issue.

What are your thoughts on curtains?
What about painting the column and headers? Any recommendations on colors? Should I have SWMBO pick something that matches other colors in the room that is darker than the yellow?
Any other feedback?
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Behr SS is of course the easiest, and with the W1070 you have sufficient lumen output for your size screen to drive into that level of Gray.

The real key is to get a good Base paint, one that will be self-leveling and roller friendly. Use a very free spinning, good quality roller wand...the melamine can be awful slippery and initial rolling can result in "sliding" over the surface. So use a light touch.

You really need to put a supportive frame on the back of the Melamine sheet, so best to use 1" x 4" Poplar glued to the rear using Power Grab Heavy Duty. That will afford both more rigidity, less chance of warp-age or bowing, and something better to affix a Hangman French Cleat to.
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Thanks for the feedback. I wondered about the 1/4" board - I haven't laid hands on it yet in person. A few more dollars and time for a poplar frame should be doable.
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I picked up the supplies tonight, got the screen cut, and frame glued to the screen. Jigsaw isn't the best way to go - but it did the job. I'll have to sand down the edges when I paint, but the paint won't be here for a week.

1"X4" poplar boards:

Jigsaw, blades, and adhesive

Screen cut to size with frame glued to the back

I'm going to let that sucker dry until tomorrow night.

I've got to borrow a table saw to fashion the French cleat from someone tomorrow night.

I'm going with a zero edge screen. I may put some extra red rope light I have behind it too.

I need to get the triple black velvet from Joanne's or Hobby Lobby too. HL didn't have enough the other evening.
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