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Preparing for SB party advice

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Having my first SB party, was wondering if anyone had any tips as far as food, where to serve food and what to buy, (appetizers, main food, dessert?). I will be setting up a 3x4 table and also have a 5x9 bar for eating on. PJ is JVC X35 and screen is 100" Elite Tensioned electric. You make alot of new friends when you have a big screen and pj.. Mods please move this post if it is in wrong forum.. Made some cool tickets courtesy of an AVS member who sent me a Photoshop file. Maybe 10 people max.. thanks in advance
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My personal advice would be to have everyone that comes to make either a side dish or dessert for example. Just make sure and divvy it up so that you have some variety and not 6 plates
of brownies for example. And then usually as host I would be responsible for the main food item(s). Obviously everyone will have their opinion as to the perfect food for a SB party, and I think
it all depends on how laid back or fancy you want to be. Personally I would go for things like pizza, beef sandwiches, subs and chili for example. As a host you want to be sure you have food that can be
prepared ahead of time since you're going to want to see the game as well and not be stuck in a kitchen.

Another thing I have personally never done, but others have is doing a themed party where dishes are made based on who the teams are in the game itself. Or another is food that is specifically
made that is had in the region where the game itself is held.

Here's a personal fave I like to make and either serve myself or even take to any of the SB parties I've been to.


Please note I've never used the nutmeg in this recipe, and I definitely use spicy Italian sausage for it. Good luck on what you end up doing and please post what you have, pics are always good too.
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This will be my 5th season hosting the Super Bowl, and 4th season with the projector installed. I typically have around 40 guests, which is more than the theater room can handle (probably around 25 including people sitting on the floor/standing/walking around). I have extra chairs set up in the theater room, and then I also have the big screen in the living room as well as an old 27" TV in the garage. That way people are free to roam around the house and mingle without missing any of the game. The kitchen is always full of people, too.

As far as food, I get 10 take-and-bake pizzas from the grocery store pizzeria, and rotate them through the oven as the night goes on. This seems to work easiest for me. I ask guests to bring sides, which usually ends up being cookies, chips, dips, salads, etc. I also have a few ice chests for people to bring their own beers. I usually end the night with more beer than I started with, so that comes out a net win.

The Super Bowl should be a fun, relaxed event for you and for your guests. I find that having additional rooms to watch the game (including the garage) means people find their comfort zone easier. If someone doesn't like a crowd or gets claustrophobic, they usually go outside or into the kitchen. If they want to yell and scream, they go to the theater room!
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Had a nice crowd for the game. About 10 of us were in the basement watching on the 100" screen. After halftime, the attention was diverted from the game to the bar due to the score.. I told everyone to bring a side or dessert so there was no duplication. Tighr was right, I did have beer left over..smile.gif

I made a dip combination from an idea I got on the Party City website so I would not take credit for the design.. An end zone was Salsa, the other end zone was Velveeta cheese and the playing field was guacamole .. The lines were drawn with sour cream, and the players were represented by olives..
We had plenty of those scoop chips so it was easy pickings. I ordered a 4' sub and had plenty of sides. Even Eli stopped over!! We lucked out with the weather, it snowed the next day and we got 10" of snow..Thanks for the help, see you next year.

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