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             New to the forum , Quick question . I have a rca hd tv that has the jack for plugging the  cable into broken off . i was using this tv  without a cable box and just getting channels in the 2 thru 72 range before the jack broke off . Will the iview allow me to hook the cable systems cable to the unit then run from the rca jacks on the unit to the tv and receive the channels i was getting before     Thanks     

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If the channels you were getting were whole number channels, 2,4,6, etc. or 2.0  or 4.0 or even 6.0 then no, the iView or similar tuner with a digital tuner only will not work for you.

If you need the analog cable channels you'll need to look for older tuner than can tune the analogs. Your cheapest bet would be a old VCR with a tuner, check out Craigslist or similar second hand places.

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