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Outdoor TV Options

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Hi all, We are looking for options for an outdoor TV set up. Unfortuantely, cost is a major factor. We are in New England, and I would plan to have the TV outside from around April thorugh October (maybe early/mid November), and then store it inside in the winter. The TV will be mounted on the exterior wall of a 2 story house (cedar siding) and the only protection is the soffit on the 2nd floor. Therefore, it will be exposed to rain and a good amount of sun (partially blocked via the pergola in the morning and afternoon, so about 6-8 hours/day). I am planning on running the power cable and HDMI line from the cable box through the sill above the foundation and caulking the opening). I am considering an IR repeater or some such device to be able to control the cable box, and I am hoping to get a smart TV so that I can connect to the internet and I believe I can stream PLEX from my Mac Mini as well (?). The true outdoor TVs (Skyvue, Sunbrite, etc.) are just too expensive. Looked into the TV shield, and while I like the idea, it's kind of silly to spend $700-800 on an enclosure for a $300-400 TV. So, I am considering a Solaire soft cover. They appear to be waterproof, soft inside lining, have a back flap for cables, and zippers to keep it on in case of winds, etc. I am hoping that heat build up inside the cover is not an issue. Anyway, wanted to get some thoughts on this approach.
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I took my indoor TV outdoors for a few seasons when I lived in Buffalo.
I brought it inside when it got cold or wet, back outside when it was nice.
One day I was too late, it got wet and was toast.
I finally bought an outdoor TV and I've been very happy with it.
Besides, I'm getting too old for all the moving around.

But to answer your question... I tried an enclosure for my TV for one summer, I forget the brand name.
It kept the rain off of it, sure, but the glare and distortion from the clear plastic "viewing window" made watching it a headache.
Imagine placing a TV in one of the windows of your home and trying to watch it from outside.

Mine over-heated and the screen blacked out on more than one occasion.
If you have it in the sun, make sure it has some sort of fan for ventilation. (Similar to a computer case fan)
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I purchased a 46" Skyvue tv for my backyard and love it. I too thought about transporting a TV in and out for game days, but I didn't want to deal with the hassle. I also sleep easy know that my TV is protected from the elements and it's optimized for outdoor viewing. I know this doesn't answer your question (sorry) but I thought I'd share my experience.
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Thanks for the replies, guys. Unfortunately, something like a Skyvue is far out of financial reach. I could move the tv in and out, but as mentioned, that would be a hassle. I am hoping to get some feedback from some others who have tried my approach, a regular indoor tv with a waterproof soft cover like the Solaire. Hoping that this is enough protection and there are no heat build up issues.

Also, any thoughts on what type of specs i should get on the TV. Obviously, LED or LCD and not plasma, but wondering if there are any contract/brightness type specs which are better for daytime outside viewing. Thanks!
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I would go with LED backlit over LCD for outside use.
Plus, make sure the screen has a matte finish to reduce the glare.

Good luck!
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