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Component video output not working

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My component video output is not working the same
I have my TV connected using the component video output thru an A/V switch box to a 30' cable connected to the TV. This setup worked fine for the past few years, but last night I got no signal on the TV.

I removed the A/V switch box and connected the cable box directly to the 30' cable and that didn't work.
I connected the cable box out using a 6' cable to another TV and that worked.

Is it possible the the output of the cable box has changed and is not strong enough to use the 30' cable anymore?
Are their any settings I could look at in the diagnostic menu that may provide any help?
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Re-seat all the connections on both ends of the cable first. Sometimes slow oxidation can take its toll. Then get a volt-ohm meter and check the electrical integrity of the cables. Make sure nothing has broken or otherwise introduced a large resistance across the cables.
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Please post in the thread for the model of your box.

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Sorry, I thought I was posting to a different thread.

I have a Pace TDC787 DVR.

Also, I hooked the same cables to my DVD player and it worked fine.
So it seems to be only the DVR that has the problem. I will check the resistance of the cables anyway.
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