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Having read the reviews and opinions about this model we felt it was worth serious consideration as a replacement our DLP which was on it last legs. We had no need for a smart TV, just wanted a TV, a big TV. Big for us anyway.
Out of the box the picture looked nice, noticeably better than the Samsung DLP it was replacing but felt it could look even better. I used the THX program feature on the PIxar Blu-ray UP to set the Brightness, Contrast and Gamma and then popped in Avatar. Oh my. Stunning picture for a $900 60" LED TV.
Sound quality? I was prepared to be disappointed from what I had read but surprisingly the TV sound was not bad. Plenty of volume and only began sound harsh when pushing the volume well past normal and reasonable levels. And the fact that it does not have Audio Out is not an issue for us. When we want the bigger sound, the surround sound from a DVD for example, that goes through the Yamaha reciever.
Remote is smallish but works well with buttons well placed for my medium sized hands.
Overall we are well pleased with theTV and Samsung. This is our 5th Samsung A/V product and the compnay has not disappointed.