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Advice on TV Settings Sony 70" R52

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Hello All

I recently purchased the Sony R52 70".

Out of the box, the Picture Quality was disappointing and so I have gone through multiple settings but still do not seem completely satisfied.

Although the Picture does look better then Day 1.

I wanted to see if any has any advice on what settings I should set everything to?

I want to mention that I do like the motion effect or soap opera effect as it's called I think.

Although, I don't seem to see that much anymore, even on my older 40" Sony. From what I have read, the eyes adjust to the picture and you can't perceive it as you did the first time you see it.

Anyways, that's a different matter. I would just like some advice on getting a really good sharp experience out of my Sony. I know the TV is capable of it, I just need to get it to the correct settings.

I ordered the Disney WOW Disc thinking that will help also.

Here is my setup.

1) TV: Sony R52 70"

2) DVR: Dish Hopper

3) Bluray: Denon 1611

4) A/V Receiver: Yamaha Aventage Rx-a1000

Everything is connected directly to the Yamaha and then 1 HDMI Connection to the Sony.

I even bought a new Monster HDMI Cable with the latest specs, so that cable should be good.

I would appreciate any input or advice.

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The WoW disk should help you adjust your settings to REC. 709 standards. You won't be calibrating your tv but you can make some very good accurate adjustments. Unfortunately, the Monster cable you bought is grossly overpriced. Any Certified High Speed HDMI cable will work just fine (if your cable run is under 25') and cost you considerably less than what you paid for the Monster cable. HDMI hardware spec 1.4 is the current standard, and even though the HDMI 2.0 specs were released in Sept. 2013, the Certified High Speed HDMI cables available from reputable dealers like Monoprice, MediaBridge, Blue Jeans, etc will work just fine if you Sony has the HDMI 2.0 hardware spec. Unfortunately, there are very few, if any, consumer devices at this point in time that can take full advantage of the HDMI 2.0 spec so you will be limited to the current hardware standard which is still more than adequate.
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