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A New 2.40:1 Sintra Screen with Silver Fire v2.5 4.0

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This project is the 1st of 4 upcoming Screen builds.

To start this project out I selected 4 pieces of clear, straight 1" x 8" Poplar....2 pieces at 12' and 2 pieces at 5'.

I decided to do the corners as "Butt" joints supported with Simpson Strong Tie "Flat L" Brackets, because I am overlapping the Poplar on all sides a full 5 -1/2" with the 10' x 50" Sintra, the latter being glued in place with Heavy Duty Clear Power Grab adhesive.

Here are photo depictions of the process / build up to but before painting commenced this afternoon.

photo GluingOnWood1_zps3759207e.jpg

photo GluingOnWood2_zps208a1e47.jpg

photo GluedonWoodcomplete_zpsd2fa61e1.jpg

photo BracingCorners_zps7b528d70.jpg

photo BigScreenup1_zps870c1fe6.jpg

photo BigScreenCloseup1_zps5c357d12.jpg

photo BigScreenupw-CardboardMasking_zps0e9ca097.jpg

Having started spraying at just before 3 pm today, I have finished applying 6 coats of SF onto a 10' x 50" sheet of Sintra in just 3 hours. I used a 1.0 mm needle, and the Duster method, assisted by raising the room temp to 78 degrees and using a 20" Pole Fan set at 7' from the center of the screen. Time between coats was just under 25 minutes.

The extremely small droplets a 1.0 mm needle produces, combined with sufficient room temperature and increased air circulation had everything to do with the dry time. But most importantly, the surface of the painted Sintra was incredibly smooth, with NO vestige of paint texture.

Tomorrow will see a Panasonic AE 8000U in place, and some Screenies...of course. I have the Pole Fan going on Medium, and the Temp being maintained at 72 degrees all night, so the paint should be very dry, if not fully cured.

Stay tuned.

Upcoming over the next 3 week period...a Dual 180" Drywall Screen project for a Church Sanctuary, 2 separate 143" 2.40:1 Screens, and one itty bitty 130" 2.40:1 screen.
Overall, these projects will encompass a wide variety of build techniques and performance criteria, so I hope they will inspire and educate those needing such encouragement and assistance.
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So the day before yesterday the paint was applied and left to dry overnight. Yesterday i took down the Plastic, and removed the Cardboard masking.

photo aDexterRoom_zps1eedccd5.jpg

photo aDscreenpainted_zpsfca109fb.jpg

Time restraints did not allow for my being able to hook up any equipment, but that is on the agenda today after Church. I did take some side view shots that show the smoothness of the paint application.

photo aDscreensideways_zps4d73fe9f.jpg
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I didn't get to take many images....I wanted to get done assembling the A/V Rack and get home to watch the Denver & SeaHawks Games.

Here are three quickies, two in warm ambient light, one in very low ambient light.

photo MagnetoinHighAmbient2_zps14bb9cb7.jpg

photo Magnetonhighambient_zpsf337b5e7.jpg

photo Magnetonlowambient_zpsf1bd9c71.jpg
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It seems that these type of rooms has become your signature build. Nice screen!!! smile.gif
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Originally Posted by superleo View Post

It seems that these type of rooms has become your signature build. Nice screen!!! smile.gif


Since a majority of the jobs i encounter involve existing Homes, and in those Homes there are "Bonus Rooms" above Garages that have "Knee walls", I get a raft of them all the time.

Still, I also have at least 3 upcoming that are "Square Framed" and one is of huge proportions (32' x 28') so at times I catch a break.

Other times...not so much. frown.gif

photo aoddroomshape_zps850ef8ba.jpg

The room above is a full 32' "long" at the left side of the image, with two equally spaced windows where I could easily have placed a 140"+ screen, and a row of 6-8 Theater seats under the "slope". But no...the "Lady" had to have 3 rows of 4 Chairs so the room had to be designed on the long axis, with a 2 level Riser. Why? Because she wanted a "Stage" for the Kiddies to put on little Shows for Guests. :rolleyes"

How does one fight that sort of demand? One does not. rolleyes.gif

That installation will soon be featured in a separate Thread. But I'm still not happy, even though the sound will feature a 6 Transducer x 3 Channel Front Sound stage powered by a 3 x 325 watt Emotiva Amp.

(BTW...The "Hole" with Transducers will receive a 54" x 10' Drywall "plug")
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