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After the failure of AMD to support 4K H.264 DXVA acceleration in Kaveri, when do you think AMD... - Page 3

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Well, it seems that because Intel has an extremely fast 4K H.264 decoder, they decided to enable by default after the installation of latest driver some VPP functions.

Those VPP settings are a little "hidden", not easily seen without digging inside driver's settings.

After disabling these settings, the decoder got a huge boost - about 40% to 50% more!

Now the HW decoder can be seen as a 4K@120 fps decoder, ready not only for 4K@60 Hz but for 4K@120 Hz too.

That speed is achieved using vanilla EVR and not EVR-CP (which is slower than EVR)

You can see below that Elysium trailer now is measured to about ~160 fps from 95fps of my last post

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One more thing that has to be added in this debate of 4K H.264 acceleration using shaders (like AMD will someday implement) in Kaveri, is this.

I'm not sure for MadVR fans, how could it be possible, to use a shader based renderer like MadVR, with 4K HW accelerated content, when both these procedures (video decoding in that way and MadVR) are using the same HW - shaders.

Obviously, is impossible to have both.

And the same goes for 3D video playback of 3D ripped MKV, because that kind of playback is using shaders too.

Using the right way of 4K H.264 acceleration that Nvidia (a little slow) and mainly Intel has implemented (very fast) in fixed-function HW dedicated for that job, is the only and best way to decode videos nowadays.

Of course, for BluRay video and 1080p ripped files - but not Full HD 3D video which needs 4K acceleration, you can go safe with every card out there.
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Latest 14.1 beta drivers from AMD at the resolved issues in release notes say this:

■ Choppy video playback on 4k Video

From the Guru3D site review of Kaveri, it was obvious that CPU utilization was 50% while playing 4K H.264 video.

So, because AMD can't do HW acceleration with those 4K H.264 files, they probably fixed CPU utilization in order to use all cores (up to 100%)
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Probably the first ever chip to bring 4K H.265 HW acceleration will be Rockchip RK3288 (for tablets):

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Maxwell is out with a promise of Nvidia of HW assisted H.265 decoding (not full HW acceleration) in the near future.

It has a faster decoder VP6 (?) probably capable of 4K@60 fps.

Radeon 7750 once again fails to HW accelerate 4K clips and uses software decoding.

Read here:
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Even mid smartphone/ tablet processors (SoC) like Snapdragon 610/615 will have a HW H.265 decoder, but laptops and PC desktops will not (in the near future)

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The Snapdragons you quote there will appear in devices Q4 this year, thats still 7-9 month in the future. Graphics cards released after that date may also feature H.265 decoders. NVIDIA was too early, the hardware decoders were not ready for Maxwell. I have no idea when AMD will release a new architecture, but their track record with HW acceleration isn't too good.. Intels Broadwell may hit the timing spot, but its unclear if they'll include support as of yet. At least Intels Media SDK already supports H.265, but only through software - but still, its a nice indication that they are looking at the format.
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AMD and Nvidia have just released their new HW decoding engines (Kaveri and Maxwell) with just promises of a future partial HW assisted H.265 acceleration.

Intel, after the release of Media SDK 2014, has said between the lines, that HW acceleration of H.265 is not ready yet.

I bet Broadwell will not have it inside iGPU.

So I'm sure that Snapdragon 805 or 610/615 or maybe other smartphone GPU company will bring us H.265 HW acceleration many months before Intel (the first PC GPU company that will have H.265 HW acceleration)
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Broadwell taped out last year before H.265 was fully ratified in November, it's doubtful it will have H.265 decoding, Skylake (tock) & Cannonlake (tick) probably will.

Maxwell first gen GM107/GM108 taped out last year too before H.265 was ratified in November, but Maxwell second generation 20nm might have full H.265 decoding since it's very important because H.265 is a heavy codec for CPUs to decode.

Maxwell second generation architecture will power next year's Tegra Parker 16nm FinFET SoC, so Nvidia will need full H.265 hardware decoding.
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Guru3D.com has a new review of Kaveri A10, but they didn't repeat the DXVA tests again with the A10 processor.
They did just a copy paste of A8 review, regarding DXVA performance.

Reading again the new review, I saw the part about H.265/ HEVC here:

It seems that Intel got that first not only from AMD, but Nvidia too, according to this:
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