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Media Player Folder Viewing

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I have a few different media servers on BD players and dedicated devices and they all work well except for the viewing mode when I'm streaming content from my computer. I use these media players to stream my MP3's from my computer through the stereo but most of my MP3's are not tagged correctly so trying to find anything is a PITA. LG seems to be the only devices that mirror Windows views; that is they look just like they do on my computer. I have my MP3's (thousands of them) structured and named by artist but most of these devices view these files based on their ID tag, not by what I've named them.
Does anyone know of any other media players that view these files similar to the way Windows does as opposed to viewing them based on their tags?
The LG ST600 and LG BD670 give me the view I want but they are not very reliable devices and are frequently dropping connections.
Above is a screenshot of some of my MP3 folders and this is the way I'd like to see it from the media server.
Thank you.
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Mp3tag exists.
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Most DLNA media servers have a folder browsing mode. In Serviio for instance go to presentation tab and disable everything under the audio/music header other than folders, then at the bottom uncheck show parents title. When browsing Serviio on the LG via smartshare go into audio it will show the folder structure same as Windows.

There are apps out there that automate filling in missing music tags.

Most BD players do not support browsing Windows file shares, only DLNA servers are supported. Also if you have a phone/tablet use something like Skifta or BubbleUPnP to manage music playback from Serviio to the LG, most LG devices support DLNA controllers. Windows 7 itself has a DLNA controller built in, right click any mp3 and select play to.
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Sorry if I wasn't clear but I know absolutely nothing about networks and DLNA. I know that when I connect to my USB drive that hosts my media with the LG devices it shows up just like it does in Windows (see screenshot in my first post), exactly as I want it to, but when I connect with Roku, my receiver or any of the blu ray players it's a mess.....useless. As far as I know LG as well as the other units all connect to my USB drive using DLNA (whatever that is) so I don't know why some units have different views than others.
As far as tagging programs go, I've tried one but I just have too many files, probably 4-5000, it's just not worth the effort. I was hoping there were other units out there that view the files like Windows and the LG players do.
You mention DLNA media servers such as Servio......I don't want to sound like a boob but I don't even know what media servers or Servio are???
I appreciate your help.
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