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7.1 audio problem

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i have just purcharched the onkyo tx-nr626 and i cannot get 7.1 audio from my samaung BD-C5300 bluray player when playing movies. (tron legacy and toy story 3) both have 7.1 audio with tory story having a 7.1 test feature.  ive tried everything i can think of but nothing works.  when i press the display button on th eonkyo remote it displays 5.1.  any help would be great.  i use the player through the bd/dvd hdmi and use optical audio input.

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You know, optical cable doesnt support 7.1 . Why on earth would you use optical when you have hdmi .
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i didnt know but thanks, i did think this this morning so i used the hdmi for audio, still the same result tho :(

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Get rid of the optical cable and use HDMI for audio and video to connect the blu ray to the receiver (assuming you're plugging everything in to the receiver then using a single HDMI cord from the receiver to the TV via "HDMI out").  Recheck all of your wiring too, make sure each speaker is connected to the receiver properly so that it's recognizing all 7 speakers.  You can also use your owners manual for the receiver (or download it online if you don't have it) to read through the set up.  Lastly, check the blu ray player manual (hard copy or online, whatever you have) and see if has audio settings you can select (or it might just be a plug and play player).   I hope some of this rambling will help you!

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Also, run through your speaker settings in the amp and make sure your front speakers aren't set to Bi-Amp, which triggers the use of front highs.  My Onkyo for some reason was set to that and I didn't get my rear signals until I changed it.

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when i set up the amp i ran the setup using the supplied mic to set up the speakers. they all work ok. ive just got the bluray play connected for video and autio using hdmi, still the same. biamp isnt on either

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Hm, so Audyssey recognized all seven channels right?  Then they should be set to go.  Put in a bluray and push the "movie/tv" audio button on the onkyo remote until the setting is all "All Ch." to see if audio is coming out of the rear surrounds.  If so, then the connection is fine, and you should watch movies either on LogicIIx or "Multi Ch." (I believe multi chan is automatic if the receiver detects a Linear PCM signal from the player).  If you are STILL not hearing anything at all from the rears, then it's definitely something going on with the bluray player itself.   I've never owned a Samsung BD so I don't know how to help you with that other than advising to read through the manual to get the set up correct

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hi, thanks. sound does come out of the rear surround and the back surround speekers, just the osd on tv states -input 5.1 output 7.1, just not sure if this is right or not, as display on reciever says 5.1

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What are the audio output settings of the BD player? What type of audio does the receiver say it is getting from the player?
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Audio settings are:

Digital Out-





Pcm Downsampling-




Dynamic Range Control-





Down Mixing Mode-




DTS Neo:6-




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Bitstream Audiophile is correct. Re-encode would produce a lossy output, which is limited to 5.1. The other settings don't matter with a bitstream output.

There was another question: what type of audio does the receiver report the player is sending?
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hi, its ok. for some strange reason when i tried to play a bluray yesterday, i got no sound what-so-ever. so i switched everything off at the mains and when turned back on, the 7.1 was working. it was showing as 5.1 input from bd and 7.1 output from reciever. master hd audio never displayed befor the reset, now i is and 7.1 is now showing as bd input and 7.1 outpur from amp. thanks for all your help. hope its sorted :)

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