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Just picked up the Chromecast device for our non-smart bedroom TV, mainly in order to watch YouTube and Netflix content on it. I set it up using my iPhone 5, everything went smoothly other than having to change the Zoom setting on the HDMI input I installed the Chromecast device in.

I already have a couple of other Smart-enabled devices in the house (a new TV and 2 Sony Blu-ray players), and so my phone is already paired with those devices. When I bring up a YT video on my phone, I can hit the wireless broadcast button and it brings up a list of devices I can watch that video on (usually just the living room TV or the Blu-Ray player). So I set up Chromecast, and named it "Bedroom", so now "Bedroom" shows up in the list of devices I can send my YT video to.

So then I checked out the functionality of my wife's iPhone 5. I brought up a video in her YT app, hit the broadcast button, chose "Bedroom" and within a few seconds the YT app started on Chromecast, and the video started playing. However with Netflix I'm having an issue.

If I go to Netflix on my wife's phone, hit the broadcast button and choose "Bedroom", the Netflix app will start on Chromecast. But then when I start a movie or show playing, nothing happens. The Netflix app screen just sits there on the TV. If I hit the broadcast button again, suddenly there is a duplicate item listed: "Bedroom" and also "Bedroom (2)". If I hit "Bedroom (2)" then the video will start playing on the TV.

With my phone I don't ever see the "Bedroom (2)" or at least haven't yet.

What is going on here?